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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Hoops Tax Forum

Hoops Tax Forum

Spring 2024

Monday, April 1, 2024 @ 5:30 – 7 p.m.
SPARK G45 and via Zoom

Making Strides to Increase Fairness in the WA State Tax System

Keynote Speaker:
State Senator Noel Frame

Zoom Link

Past Events

Event Description Video
Spring 2023 On 2/27/23 Melissa Hellmann, racial, gender and economic inequality reporter for the Center for Public Integrity, presented: “The Cost of Disparity: How State Tax Policies Fuel the Racial Wealth Gap” Watch the Video
Spring 2022 On 2/15/22 Nina Olson, executive director and founder of the Center for Taxpayer Rights, presented: “Taxpayer Rights: Taxpayer Advocates and Trust in the Tax System” Watch the Video
Spring 2021 On 3/9/21 David Cay Johnston presented: “The Prosperity Tax – An alternative for the 21st Century” Watch the Video
Spring 2019 On 3/27/19 in Spark G45, the Hoops Tax Institute presented: “Sales Suppression Software: What is it, How Using it Hurts Others and Could Land You Behind Bars, and what You should do if You See it.” Watch the Video
Fall 2017 On 11/29/17 the Hoops Tax Institute presented: Thomas Neubig, founding member, Tax Sage Network, and his presentation, “Federal Tax Reform: Why is it Needed, Why so difficult?” Watch the Video
Spring 2017 On 3/6/17 the Hoops Tax Institute presented “Governor Inslee’s 2017-19 Financial Plan,” a public lecture by David Schumacher, director of the Washington State Office of Financial Management. Watch the Video
Fall 2016 On 10/20/16, the Hoops Tax Institute presented a panel discussion on I-732 Washington state’s carbon tax initiative. Watch the Video
Spring 2016 On 3/31/16 the Hoops Tax Institute presented a panel discussion on the OECD’s proposed multi-lateral agreement on corporate base erosion and profit sharing. Watch the Video
Fall 2015 On 10/6/15 Cara Griffith presented, ““The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly: An Outsider’s Look at Washington State’s Tax System.” Watch the Video
Spring 2015 On 2/19/15 David Cay Johnston presented, “How Government Creates Inequality: The Tax Rules That Take From the Many to Give to the Few.” Watch the Video


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