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Washington State University


Atrium Café 

Staffed by hospitality business management students, the Atrium Café serves as a lab for future leaders in the food service industry. As an Atrium Café employee, you gain valuable experience in the operation and management of a coffee service business. You also earn internship credits.

Atrium Display Gallery

News spreads fast in the Carson College when it’s on display in the Todd Hall Atrium—the center of student activity. 4 high-resolution video screens showcase events, opportunities, services, and Carson College news. The screens can function independently or as an integrated matrix to display content in virtually any configuration. 2 similar screens greet students at the entry to the third floor of the Todd Addition. Funding for the project was provided by Scott and Linda Carson.

E-Commerce Computer Classroom 

Hands-on experience with the latest computing equipment can launch your career in information technology. You gain that experience in this lab, designed for demonstrating principles in information systems, programming, and software applications. The classroom is outfitted with advanced desktop computers and much more.

Finance and Management Science Classroom 

If you’re an MBA or finance and management science student, you’ll attend lectures in this technologically advanced, 46-seat classroom. This facility introduces you to next-generation technology that you’ll use in your career. A 15-foot electronic projection screen, complete with projector and top-of-the-line sound system, bring lectures to life. You may also meet here with fellow MBA students to collaborate on outside-of-class team projects.

Financial Markets Trading Laboratory 

Imagine yourself managing the $1.5 million Cougar Investment Fund in this fully equipped trading room. A 24/7 color ticker showcases price activity in the Fund’s stocks. Two televisions display up-to-the-minute financial news. Seated at any of 4 dual-monitor computer stations, you have access to 42 different software packages, as well as Morningstar Principia financial trading software.

Hospitality Teaching Center

In this technologically advanced facility, students in the School of Hospitality Business Management gain priceless experience that helps them succeed in hospitality-industry businesses worldwide.

Technology Classroom

If you want to learn firsthand about business technology, this lab is the place to be. You can actively participate in computer instruction and ask questions as you progress. More than 36 software programs are available for education and research.

Vancouver, Tri-Cities, and Everett

WSU Vancouver faculty operations are housed at the campus’ Classroom Building, room 308. WSU Tri-Cities faculty operations are housed at the campus’ Consolidated Information Center building, room 125A-2710. The Carson College offers courses at the Everett University Center, which is located on the Everett Community College campus.