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Carson College of Business International Business Institute

Business Institute

The hub of international educational programs in the Carson College of Business

The International Business Institute mobilizes faculty, staff, and students to engage in scholarly activities that transcend borders. The Institute provides Carson College students with firsthand knowledge of other nations’ cultural and business practices—giving graduates a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.



The Carson College awards scholarships three times annually to help students complete international experiences.

Internships and careers

You can find a wide selection of international internships and career opportunities with the Institute’s partner organizations worldwide.

Core participating faculty

International business fellows span the breadth of academic departments within the Carson College.

Sung AhnFinance and Management Science
Mark BeattieSchool of Hospitality Business Management
Jamie CallisonSchool of Hospitality Business Management
Jane CoteAccounting
Mauricio FeathermanEntrepreneurship and Information Systems
Stergios FotopoulosFinance and Management Science
Dogan GursoySchool of Hospitality Business Management
Jeff GramlichAccounting
Jim HarbourSchool of Hospitality Business Management
Bob HarringtonSHBM (Tri-Cities)
Marie MayesCenter for Entrepreneurial Studies
Jenny KimSchool of Hospitality Business Management
Byron MarloweSHBM (Tri-Cities)
Darrel MuehlingMarketing and International Business
Mario ReyesFinance and Management Science
Greg RoseManagement, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship – Vancouver
Bernard Wong-On-WingAccounting


Sung K. Ahn, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for International Programs
Director, International Business Institute
Todd 101-B

Courtney Anne Jackson
Assistant Director, International Business Institute
Todd Hall 101-B

Office Hours:
M–F, 8:00–12:00 p.m., 1:00–5:00 p.m.