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Washington State University


Todd 101

Carson Center for Student Success

101 Todd Hall, PO Box 644750
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-4750

Meet the Staff:


Suzi Billington
Phone: 509-335-0469
Office: Todd 101C

Office Manager

Pooja Malhotra
Phone: 509-335-8906
Office: 101 N

Marketing Coordinator

Paris Kemmer
Phone: 509-335-4102
Office: Todd 121BD

International Business Institute Coordinator

Ethan Pickering
Phone: 509-335-5729
Office: 101G

Academic Advising Team

Assistant Director for Retention & Student Success

Stacey Smith-Colon
Phone: 509-335-1580
Office: Todd 101G

Senior Academic Advisor

Corey Sutter
Phone: 509-335-5499
Office: Todd Hall 101W

Academic Advisor

Paige Adler
Phone: 509-335-5985
Office: Todd Hall 101F

Academic Advisor

Goretti Manzo
Phone: 509-335-5123
Office: Todd 101K

Academic Advisor

Alex Soberanes
Phone: 509-335-3148
Office: Todd 101S

Academic Advisor

Tracey Spencer
Phone: 509-335-5497

Academic Advisor

Bret Vanness
Phone: 509-335-5496
Office: Remote

Academic Advisor

Leah Wacker
Phone: 509-335-1602
Office: Todd 101U

Academic Advisor

Vacant Position

Graduate Assistant

Zulekha Khamisi
Phone: 509-335-5823
Office: Todd 101E

Graduate Assistant

Eugenie Mainake
Phone: 509-335-5823
Office: Todd 101E

Employer Connections Team

Portrait of Jamie Garlinghouse

Employer Development Manager

Jamie Garlinghouse
Phone: 509-335-8285
Office: Todd 101V

Portrait of Shir Levy

Employer Connections Coordinator

Shir Levy
Phone: 509-335-7659
Office: Todd 121BB

Recruitment/Scholarship Team

Business Student Recruitment Manager

Lisa Desmarais
Phone: 509-335-2384
Office: Todd 121

Student Engagement & Scholarship Coordinator

Julianne Harris
Phone: 509-335-5480
Office: Todd 101

Student Engagement & Career Development

Assistant Director for Student Engagement & Career Development

Michelle Chapman
Phone: 509-335-3473
Office: Todd 101R

Student Engagement Coordinator

Vacant Position

Career Consultant

Daniel Kennedy
Phone: 509-335-1591
Office: Todd 101L

Career Consultant

Cesar Munguia
Phone: 509-335-5120
Office: Todd 101P

Career Consultant

McKinzie Turner
Office: Todd 101W