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Carson College of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Studies 

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Applying innovative methods to foster entrepreneurial skills

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in the Commons Collaboration Center enables students to learn the hands-on skills and teamwork necessary to go from creating a prototype to developing a business plan to ultimately launching a commercially viable product and business. Students learn by doing–building analytical and leadership skills so that they’re ready for success in existing companies and new ventures alike.

Commons Collaboration Center

Located on the first floor of the Commons building, The Commons Collaboration Center is a shared work space where students can gather and engage with experienced entrepreneurs and interdisciplinary faculty while connecting with like-minded peers. The facility provides collaboration rooms, video conference capabilities, meeting space for entrepreneurship groups and clubs, printing, faculty office hours, fun games and other resources.

Directions To Commons


  • Business Plan Competition
    Vying for more than $50,000 in prize money, multidisciplinary student teams present their entrepreneurial ideas to real investors.
  • Terry Sparks Program
    This program offers freshmen and sophomores the opportunity to start their own small business with the support of a team of mentors and a little money to get their project off the ground.
  • Jones Milestone Accelerator
    The WSU Herbert B. Jones Milestone Accelerator is a six-month program that helps student-led companies set a path to success.


Intern Opportunities

If you are interested in an internship please contact Judy Hopkins


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      Marie Mayes

      Marie Mayes, director
      WSU Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
      Fax: 509-335-2182

      Allison P. Sellers
      Student Venture Manager, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

      Washington State University