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Carson College of Business Business Plan Competition Mentor Program

BPC Mentorship Program

WSU Business Plan Competition

The WSU Business Plan Competition provides students with a real-world educational experience in developing, testing and launching their own startup ventures. The Competition fosters entrepreneurship at WSU through Resource Night workshops, mentoring, networking opportunities, publicity, concept validation, and cash and in-kind prizes.

Mentor Qualifications and Selection

Mentors are generally entrepreneurial executives with significant experience. We match mentors with teams, based on the mentor’s area of expertise and the type of guidance most needed by the team.

Types of Support

Mentors typically support teams in areas such as:

  • Review of business model
  • Market or customer-level feedback
  • Guidance in customer discovery
  • Access to prospective customers
  • Help with crafting their Business Model Canvas
  • General management advice
  • Organizational advice
  • Technical input regarding the product or service

Mentor Expectations:

The expected time commitment is approximately 8-10 hours between January and April.

Mentors will hold at least one phone meeting or online web meeting with the BPC team each month from January – April.

In addition, mentors will respond to 2-3 emails per month from team members.

Become a Mentor:

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please submit an application or email us at

Washington State University