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Washington State University
Carson College of Business CES Mentorship Program

CES Mentorship Program

Mentors and advisors enrich the educational experience of WSU students by advancing their careers and helping them accomplish more, faster. We rely upon our alumni and friends to make a tangible difference by providing business advice, support and insight.

Types of Advisor/Mentor Commitment

Mentors can be involved in a number of different ways depending on interest and time availability.

  • Mentor to Student (dedicated to a specific student)
  • Subject Matter Expert (for scheduled virtual sessions for specific challenges)
  • Mentor to Team (dedicated to a specific team)

Become an Advisor/Mentor

The mentor programs is an essential component of the CES that extends across nearly all our programs and events.
We are constantly seeking experienced advisors and mentors who desire to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurial minded Cougs. If you are interested in helping WSU students make their mark on the world, please apply to be a part of this exciting program.

Apply to be a mentor


For additional information, please contact Asa Brown,