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Washington State University

Center for Professional Sales

Partner Info

“Every company is hiring now—it’s a competitive landscape. People are always going to want to do business with people they trust, so sales talent is critical for businesses’ success.”

Amy VanderWel
Principal Recruiter, Western Region of North America
C.H. Robinson

Potential Partnership Benefits

  • Interaction with students on the Pullman and Vancouver Campuses
  • Recruit students interested in sales and sales-related careers
  • In-class engagement
  • Sales club engagement
  • Student sales role-play mock buyer and judging opportunities
  • Research opportunities with sales professors

Contact Julie Nelsen, Director of the Center for Professional Sales at for more information.


Pullman Campus
Kevin Chase

Vancouver Campus
Julie Nelsen


Nathan Laing

Division Manager at Consolidated Electrical Distributors

“Philanthropically, I’m tuned into helping WSU as a former Coug. From a business perspective, it’s in my best interest to pull in more people who can help our company in the future. We look to the sales program for people who are interested not only sales, but also have an entrepreneurial mindset.”

Value of the WSU Sales Program:
Students are already pointed toward a career in sales. They’re already tuned into the fact they want to be able to communicate ideas verbally, and that body language is important.

Amy VanderWel

Principal Recruiter, Western Region of North America
C.H. Robinson

“The students who come from the WSU Professional Sales Certificate program understand how to build relationships and identify the needs of customers. You can’t skate through that program. Students work very hard at hands-on learning.. They are put in uncomfortable situations to grow themselves so when they get into the real business world, it’s not as scary for them. They’ve been put on the spot. They’ve had to overcome objections. They know how to listen and respond appropriately to feedback.”

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