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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Study Abroad Film Festival

Study Abroad Film Festival

Interested in participating in the 2021 Film Festival?

See your video on display at the CCB Study Abroad Film Festival!

Your video—credited with your name—could become the focal point of Carson College communications and marketing materials.

Take this opportunity to display your videography skills while giving back to the Carson College of Business.

Winners will receive a prize!


Videos can be shorts or documentaries created by students highlighting their study abroad experience. Students may use any medium to shoot their film (i.e. smartphones, GoPros, other apps, editing software, etc.).


The theme for this contest is The Carson Experience Abroad”


  • TBD


The CCB Study Abroad Film Festival is open to all CCB students who studied or interned abroad, or any WSU students who participated on a CCB faculty-led program. Entrants may submit up to three films.


  • Time Limit: 60 seconds-10 min max
  • No alcohol, except in class-related activities
  • Preference will be given to films focused on cultural and educational footage
  • No inappropriate language

Videos violating these rules will be automatically disqualified.

Due Dates

Submissions are due in  February 2022

Festival will be held in March 2022


Film Festival finalists will be selected based on their ability to address the theme, entertainment value, and creativity.


Here are some activities to consider filming, but do not feel limited to these. Be creative and original!

  • The classroom abroad
  • Interactions with locals
  • Food
  • Cultural events
  • Your faculty and classmates (with their permission!)
  • Any program excursions (business or cultural)
  • Everyday life abroad
  • Avoid using party scenes!

Things to remember:

  • Ask to take any pictures or videos of people or their merchandise
  • Make sure you have the rights to any music you use

Submission Guidelines

  • Students will share their videos with Courtney Anne Jackson via OneDrive (she can be contacted here)
  • In order to upload to the shared folder, here are a few steps:
    1. Navigate to and log in with your WSU Network ID
    2. From here, select “OneDrive” from the list of apps available
    3. Select the section on the left-hand side labeled “Shared
    4. After you have received the email from Courtney Anne, you will see the folder show up in this section under the category “Shared with me
    5. When you can see and have selected this folder, you will be able to add files to it

You can find more information about OneDrive on WSU’s Information Technology help page on this topic: ITS – OneDrive


If you have questions, please contact:

Courtney Anne Jackson
Todd Hall 101B

2020 Film Festival Winners

The 2020 festival was cancelled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. We hope to resume in 2021.

2019 Film Festival Winners

First Place: Lydia Weis

Study Abroad Program: Business in Greece

Second Place: Kyleigh Herrera

Study Abroad Program: Food, Wine, and Culture in Italy & France

Third Place: Natalie Heathman

Study Abroad Program: Business in Ireland

2018 Film Festival Winners

First Place: Nicole Pomicpic

Study Abroad Program: Food, Wine, and Culture in Italy & France

Second Place: Rumnik Cheema

Study Abroad Program: First Generation Abroad in Rome, Italy

Third Place: Lydia Weis

Study Abroad Program: Business in Ireland