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Carson College of Business The Terry Sparks Program

The Terry Sparks Program

Have an idea? Want to jump into the gig economy, or maybe even start your own business? Need help getting started?

The Terry Sparks Program provides funding and resources to help!

Managed by WSU’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, this program offers freshmen and sophomores the opportunity to start their own small business, with the support of a team of mentors and a little money to get their project off the ground. Whether you want to teach a skill, sell a product, or solve a problem, you can take your idea for a test drive and find out where it goes.

Let us help you make your idea a reality!

Eligibility Requirements

Both high school students and undergraduates may submit an application. However, all team members must be full-time WSU students who will be in their first or second year at the time of their participation in the program.

Application Deadline: September 15, 2018 (Accepted teams will be notified by October.)

More about the Terry Sparks Program

For the 2018-2019 academic year, two teams will be selected to participate in the Terry Sparks Program. Each team will receive a micro grant (not to exceed $500) to fund the launch of their project and will be connected with a peer advisor from the Carson College of Business, as well as an external business mentor.

The program spans two consecutive semesters. During the fall, selected teams will work with their mentors to define and set milestones. Their project will then kick off at the start of spring semester and continue until the end of term. Throughout the program year, teams will meet monthly with their mentors to monitor their progress toward venture goals.

Upon completion, accepted teams may apply for additional funding to continue their venture for a second year.

The registration has closed.

Register by September 15, 2018

Allison P. Sellers
Student Venture Manager
Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
(509) 335-7876

Washington State University