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Washington State University

Center for Professional Sales

Sales Certificate Curriculum

To complete the Professional Sales Certificate at Washington State University, students must complete 15 credits with a focus in sales. These classes help students develop skills that are critical in new, high-tech consultative selling environments. Currently, sales courses are open to all students who complete the 3 required courses, along with 2 electives:


Marketing 360 – Intro to Marketing (Required)

An introduction to the marketing process and the strategic managerial decisions that are made with regard to product, price, promotion, and distribution.

Core Sales Classes (Offered on the Vancouver and Pullman campuses only)

Marketing 379 – Professional Sales (Required)

Theory, principles, and practices of professional sales with special attention to the business-to-business market.

Marketing 478 – Sales Management (Required)

Sales management strategies and plans to achieve a firm’s marketing objectives, including the hiring, firing, training, motivation, compensation, deployment, and evaluation of sales personnel.

Marketing 479 – Advanced Professional Sales (Required)

Advanced theory and principles of professional sales with special attention to the business-to-business market and an emphasis on the application of theory and principles to selling skills.

Other Courses

Select 2 additional elective courses to complete the certificate

Marketing 450 – Digital Marketing (Elective)

Understanding and implementing marketing theory and analytics on social media and in online environments.

Marketing 480 – B2B Marketing (Elective)

Marketing strategies for creating customer and firm value in business-to-business markets.

Entrepreneurship 490 – Entrepreneurial Marketing (Elective)

Concepts, issues, and techniques of marketing in entrepreneurial ventures and the role of entrepreneurship in marketing efforts of all firms.

Hospitality Business Management 480 – Marketing Strategy and Development (Elective)

Theory and practice: problems in guest relations, special sales efforts, intramural promotion, research.

Management 485 – Negotiation Skills (Elective)

Bargaining skills across a broad range of business settings; experiential work.


For more information about course planning, contact your academic advisor.