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Study Abroad

Expand your horizons through a Carson College international experience program

To deliver on its vision of creating globally competitive business leaders, the Carson College offers faculty-led study abroad programs.

Advantages of faculty-led programs

In faculty-led study abroad programs, WSU faculty teach WSU courses to WSU students. Courses are taught in English. You’ll enjoy the comfort and security of completing the courses you need with faculty and students you know—all while living in and exploring a new country.

Our Experiences

Find all of our study abroad experiences and information relating to them here.

“I consider studying abroad to South Korea one of the greatest decisions that I’ve ever made. It’s funny to think back to how hesitant I was about the whole thing because of how amazing I found the experience to be. Not only did I make amazing friends and experience a brand new culture, but I also got the opportunity to learn from distinguished professors from all around the world. It’s true that the culture shock is a difficult thing to overcome, but once you start to make some new friends and start to go out more, you’ll be sad that you have to come back. This is an experience I can’t recommend enough so if it is something that you’re considering, I say definitely go for it.”

—Zachary Rost, International Business major, Business in Korea program, 2018

Other types of study abroad programs

  • Exchanges are programs in which you directly enroll at a partner university for a semester or year. The Carson College partners with top business schools around the world.
  • Study abroad opportunities are provided with the assistance of third-party organizations that work with WSU and universities abroad. Study opportunities could span a summer, semester, or full year.
  • International internships provide you a way to gain valuable experience abroad and earn academic credit. Internships abroad can range from two weeks to one year.


For more information about study abroad programs, contact the Carson College of Business Center for Student Success (Todd 101) or Global Learning (Bryan Hall 105C)

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