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Faculty Abroad

Carson College faculty members have opportunities to teach in nations around the world

Faculty-led study abroad programs take professors to distant continents for weeks or months at a time. They teach classes to Carson College students and forge lasting relationships with scholars from other nations. They take students on tours of spectacular destinations. Best of all, they witness their students transform into global citizens.



“I feel privileged to lead our CCB students as they gain a truly life changing experience, and to prepare them to be outstanding global managers and caring global citizens.

“I put in extra effort to raise awareness among students of real global issues. They seem to remember most about the rural and community development projects, such as making a difference for kids in a rural school and at orphanages, and planting trees in tropical forests for preserving sanctuaries for wild birds and monkeys. I try to make our students feel connected with people in some other parts of the world, to instill the strong sense of us living a small, global village.”

—Patriya Tansuhaj
Department of Marketing



“In the faculty-led study abroad program in Spain, participants are challenged to see the world differently and ultimately develop a great appreciation for becoming open-minded thinkers. My favorite moments are when I see students seize opportunities. For example, three students who interned at Ngaro, Valencia, Spain, were asked to stay with the company to support their international expansion efforts in the United States.”

—Kalu Osiri
Director, Faculty-Led Study Abroad in Spain
Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship

Washington State University