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Study Abroad:

Business in Ireland
Encounter the Beauty, Fun and Culture of Ireland, have the option to visit nearby countries during 3-day weekends and complete upper divisions credits in an Experiential Learning Environment.

Experiential learning in Ireland brings core business classes to life. Join us for the journey…

Course Goals

  • Gain an understanding of the Irish society including its politics, economy, society, history, identity and culture through a business lens.
  • Bring core business courses alive by providing experiential learning through visiting corporate, governmental and significant cultural sites.
  • Develop skills and academic and professional abilities applicable for use in regional and global contexts.
  • Develop an openness to differing viewpoints on controversial topics related to course material and be able to form and share their own opinions.
  • Expand communication skills by finding new ways to navigate around communication barriers.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the areas of cultural analysis and intercultural understanding.
  • Reexamine their values and priorities to become better contributors to the global community by becoming culturally self-aware.


Program overview

Place of study: Galway and Dublin, Ireland

Dates: May 15–June 19, 2021

Course credit: WSU courses, 6 credits required

Courses offered:

Option 1: BLAW 210, FIN 223
Option 2: ACCTG 330, ACCTG 420, IBUS 496

Expenses (excluding air, WSU tuition & fees): TBA (+ WSU full time tuition)

Scholarships available?: Yes

Financial aid applies?: Yes

Director: Nori Pearson,


Locations courses, and prices are subject to change.


Information Sessions


To apply

  • Application deadline for the program and scholarships: February 1, 2021
  • Carson College of Business Study Abroad Scholarship deadline: January 10, 2021
  • Apply online or visit International Programs Global Learning in Bryan 105

Find out more

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Courtney Anne Jackson,, Todd Hall 101 B, Appointments can be made at the Carson Center front desk.

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