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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Center for Professional Sales

Center for Professional Sales

Washington State University’s Center for Professional Sales is housed in the Carson College of Business. The Center offers Professional Sales Certificates, as part of a student’s undergraduate degree, on both the Vancouver and Pullman campuses. It provides students with a world-class sales education, facilitates practical sales training, and conducts research to empower the next generation of sales leaders while partnering with local and national business organizations to provide hands-on learning opportunities to prepare our students for sales and sales-related careers.

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The WSU Center for Professional Sales offers students the opportunity to earn a certificate in professional sales that consists of five courses that develop student sales competencies.

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Student Opportunities

Students involved in the WSU sales program have multiple opportunities to develop their sales competencies beyond the classroom. WSU students may compete at local, regional, and national sales competitions and showcase their skills to future employers. In addition, students can join the sales club to continue sharpening their skills through direct engagement with sales center partners.

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One of the keys to success for the WSU Center for Professional Sales is our relationship with business partners. Our partners provide hands-on, collaborative experiences that help our students develop into future sales leaders. Partners typically engage with students multiple times throughout the year. Opportunities include both virtual and in-person engagement in the classroom and at sales club meetings, job shadowing, sales and competition judging, among others. We offer varying levels of engagement depending on the needs and availability of our partners. If you are interested, contact us to learn more!

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Vancouver Campus

Dr. Julie Nelsen

Center for Professional Sales
Overseeing Pullman and Vancouver Campuses

Pullman Campus

Dr. Kevin Chase

Pullman Campus Director