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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Carson College Mentorship Program

Carson College Mentorship Program

If you are interested in the mentorship program or know anyone interested, please complete either the student (mentee) or mentor application on the right side of this page.

Program Goals:

The goal of our program is to connect students with mentors who will help students develop their professional skills. These professional skills are listed below as eight learning objectives. Mentors use their experience and expertise to assist students. Following this process should increase a student’s chances of landing a job or internship by the end of the relationship. Students are prohibited from asking mentors for jobs or internships, but realize that following the guidance of a mentor will increase the chances of landing a job or internship. Mentors benefit from reflecting on their experiences and giving back to future generations of professional Carson Cougs.


The mentor and mentee schedule a reoccurring zoom, phone call, or in-person 30–60-minute meeting per month. The program starts every fall semester in September/October and ends in April/May. At that point, mentors and mentees can either decide to leave the program or opt in for another/different match the following school year. This rotation strategy enables mentors and mentees to engage with more students/professionals.

Learning Objectives:

Please see the eight mentorship learning objectives below. Mentors and mentees should complete all learning objectives by the end of the two-semester relationship. The learning objectives were created to help mentors utilize their experiences and expertise to increase a student’s chance of landing a job or internship:

* Detailed description of learning objectives will be provided once matched *

  1. Meet and Greet
  2. Self-Exploration
  3. Explore Major, Minors, Certification, Clubs, Hard & Soft Skills
  4. Career Exploration
  5. Create Resume, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter
  6. Elevator Pitch
  7. Job Search and Personal Marketing Strategies
  8. Interview Prep

Thank you. All questions about the mentorship program should be forwarded to

More Information:

Daniel Kennedy
Career Consultant


Student Application

*Deadline for student applications:
September 13, 2024

Mentor Application

*Deadline for mentor applications:
July 31, 2024