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Study Abroad:

Food and Wine in Italy

Do you have an interest in Italian gastronomy? Imagine being able to create a delicious meal of traditional Tuscan recipes … serving wine using traditional Italian techniques … experiencing innovations in coffee and tea service, cuisine, mixology, and winery practices. This program will enable you to gain this expertise at the Apicius International School of Hospitality (Florence, Italy).

Florence, Italy

Program overview

Places of study: Florence, Italy

Dates: May 5 – June 21, 2024

Course credit: Florence University of the Arts courses, 9 credits mandatory*

Courses offered:
Students will take HBM 496, and choose an additional 6 credits from the following options:

Option 2:

One 3 credit course from Session 1 and one 3 credit course from Session 2.
Session 1 Courses:
HBM 498, HBM 458, HBM 258, HBM 301, HBM 358, HBM 499, HBM 350, HBM 496, HBM 497, MKTG 496, MKTG 470, ENTRP 490

Session 2 Courses:
HBM 498, HBM 458, HBM 350, HBM 301, HBM 358, HBM 496, HBM 497, MKTG 496

*Students cannot enroll in two courses from session 1 or 2 but must pick one from each section.


Option 2:

Students pick one 6 credit course that fulfils the following combinations.

HBM 458 and HBM 498

HBM 496 and HBM 497

HBM 350 and HBM 498

HBM 358 and HBM 498

ENTRP 490 and IBUS 498

MKTG 496 and IBUS 498

MKTG 407 and MKTG 470

*Course combinations must be taken together and cannot be separated.

Expenses (excluding air & personal expenses): $10,328

Scholarships available?: Yes, plus HBM department Scholarships

Financial aid applies?: Yes

Director: Jessica Murray,

Additional Faculty:

Locations, courses, and prices are subject to change.

Program Highlights

  • Rome
  • Cinque Terre


I want to study abroad, but…

Language and culture

Information Sessions

To apply

  • Application deadline for the program and scholarships: February 1, 2024
  • Carson College of Business Study Abroad Scholarship deadline: January 15, 2024
  • Apply online or visit International Programs Global Learning in Bryan 105

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Student Testimonials

“Prior to leaving my knowledge on cooking was extremely minimal. Like frozen dinner minimal. Through the amazing culinary examples and a group project, I learned so much. Now I love to cook and try to remake some of the dishes from abroad. My biggest takeaway was learning how to travel. How to deal with culture shock, learning transportation as well as booking flights. There are many other skills I acquired, but these are a few. It has given me the confidence to travel on my own.”

— Kyleigh Herrera, Hospitality Business Management major, Rome, Italy, Summer 2019

Meet Sam…

Italy Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to Kyleigh Herrera for winning second place in the 2019 Study Abroad Film Festival!


Nicole Pomicpic’s 2018 Study Abroad Film Festival first place video: