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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Hoops Institute of Taxation Research & Policy

Hoops Institute of Taxation Research & Policy

Fostering cross-disciplinary exploration of tax policy

Washington State Tax Forum — In Person and Online

The Washington Department of Revenue and the Washington State University Hoops Tax Institute will host a day and a half forum for state and local tax professionals and state tax administrators. This unique tax conference brings tax practitioners and administrators together to discuss tough issues and better ways to address them. Sessions include the novel Washington capital gains tax, apportionment, digital assets, Department of Revenue transparency, and the wide-open “Tax Policypalooza.” discussion. Attendees can join the forum in person at the beautiful Washington State University campus or join us fully online.

Contact and registration information: or the event webpage.

Formation of the Hoops Tax Institute

The Hoops Institute of Taxation Research and Policy was formulated through a generous planned gift from Howard D. and B. Phyllis Hoops.  The purposes of the Institute were specified in a gift use agreement signed by Mr. and Mrs. Hoops on February 22, 2012. Professor Jeffrey Gramlich was hired and the Institute began operations in fall 2014.

The Institute is affiliated with and housed within the Department of Accounting.

Mission, Values, and Theme

The mission of the Hoops Tax Institute is to develop and disseminate tax knowledge primarily for the benefit of students, tax practitioners, policy makers and academics in the Washington State University community, the Pacific Northwest region, the United States and the world.

The values of the Hoops Tax Institute are knowledge, respect and transparency.

Based on the vision set forth by the Institute’s benefactors, Mr. and Mrs. Hoops, and building on the strengths of our faculty, the primary theme of the Hoops Tax Institute is ethics and corporate transparency, with an emphasis on issues related to taxes.


  • Research: Integrating Washington State University students, faculty, and industry practitioners in policy exploration
  • Discussion: Hosting academic symposia, workshops, and seminars intended to bring together the top researchers and experts in the field of taxation
  • Endowed chair: Supporting an internationally recognized researcher in the field of taxation—one who explores the purposes and functions of taxation, tax revenue, tax subsidies, and redistribution of taxes in society
  • Taxation emphasis in the accounting doctoral program: Training qualified research faculty in the area of taxation to address a critical shortage of qualified accounting faculty nationwide

Doctoral Fellowships

The Institute offers fellowships for qualified Ph.D. of Accounting students preparing for careers in the field of taxation.

Internships and careers

The Institute’s relationships with public accounting firms and industry create internship and career placement opportunities for accounting graduates.

Core participating faculty

  • Jeffrey Gramlich
    Professor, Director of the Hoops Institute of Taxation Policy and Research, and Howard D. and B. Phyllis Hoops Endowed Chair


Hoops Institute of Taxation Research and Policy
PO Box 644729
Todd Hall, Room 237K
Pullman, WA 99164-4729
509-335-5358 |

Doctoral Fellowship Opportunity

Conduct research on tax policy while earning your Ph.D. in accounting.