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Carson College of Business Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living

Granger Cobb
Institute for Senior Living

Certificate Program

All modules are now updated and open for registration!

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Education. Data Analytics. Partnerships.

Solving real problems in real communities for real residents,

and those who serve them . . . in real time.

The noncredit, online, on-demand certificate program in Senior Living Management will benefit those who want to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the industry
  • Assess how their existing knowledge, skills and abilities transfer to the senior living business
  • Enhance their opportunity to advance to the next level within their current organization
  • CEUs available! (Submit forms prior to registration for full credit)

The certificate program focuses on the following key areas of the senior living business:

  • Foundations of Senior Living
    • Articulate what the seniors housing industry includes
    • Explain the history of the senior living model
    • Appreciate an “insider” view of a senior living community
    • Discuss changing demographics and potential industry impact
    • Develop an awareness of future trends, the need for continuous improvement, and career opportunities
  • Care and Services
    • Understand the development of effective care planning, coordination, and management
    • Appreciate the principles of the aging process
    • Identify essential elements of wellness
    • Use resources, referrals, and third-party providers
    • Demonstrate principles and practices of proper documentation
  • Operations Management
    • Identify and implement best practices for effective and efficient operations, considering multiple stakeholders
    • Direct proper food handling and the dining experience
    • Oversee components of the physical plant and related safety issues, including crisis communication
    • Manage third-party contracts to uphold established standards
    • Integrate cutting-edge technologies relevant to multiple stakeholders
  • Financial Management
    • Understand the business model of senior living
    • Apply basic accounting concepts to the process of financial management
    • Assimilate the information to prepare and execute a budget
    • Forecast revenues and expenses
    • Explain the basics of value creation
  • Risk and Regulation
    • Reference regulatory distinctions and the state survey
    • Explain the process for licensing a community
    • Incorporate best practices for training, compliance, and relationship management
    • Appreciate the basics of risk management and insurance
    • Embrace the legal environment
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Implement effective strategies to maximize community occupancy and revenues
    • Manage outreach to consumers through relationship development
    • Create an annual marketing plan
    • Establish targets and performance metrics with clear accountabilities
    • Evaluate market position and make strategic adjustments when necessary
  • Leadership
    • Model servant leadership, emotional intelligence, and the balanced scorecard to build a healthy culture
    • Execute a strategic plan, particularly for resource allocation
    • Conduct a SWOT analysis for maintenance of a viable market position
    • Manage the human resources functions and continuous growth of the talent pipeline
    • Prioritize involvement in the external community for positive visibility, fundraising, event participation, and general support
$2,250 for entire certificate program
$350 for individual modules
Approximately 10-15 hours per module
Online, on-demand
To provide core content which allows those interested in the business of senior living to develop skills and knowledge in key aspects of senior living management.
Assessment may include quizzes, exams, written work, and other related projects depending on the module.
Certificate Completion
Students must successfully pass each course module. Students are responsible for any expenses incurred or any required textbooks or materials. Modules can be taken separately and in any order.


The senior living industry outpaced average U.S. job growth by 3.7%.

More than 20% of people 75 years and older live in a seniors housing property.

Argentum, the nation’s largest senior living association, predicts the senior living industry will need 1.8 million more employees in the next decade.

According to Age Wave, eventually 70% of people age 50 and older will need long-term care in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much time should I plan on spending on the program?

The time commitment for the program will vary with each participant depending on background, education, and experience. It will also vary depending on the course content, with some being more demanding than others.

Q. What exactly is an online class?

An online class is simply a class where we meet virtually over the Internet. You can participate in this class from the comfort of your home or wherever you have a computer and online access. You can participate in the lessons whenever the timing is best for you. You do not have to be present at a certain time.

Q. Is financial aid available for the certificate program?

Check with your employer about possible tuition benefit reimbursements.

Q. Are continuing education units credits available?

Yes, just fill out the appropriate forms linked above prior to registration.

Q. Can the modules be taken in any order?

While we have a suggested order for completion of the modules, they can be taken individually and in any order.