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School of Hospitality Business Management Catering Services

Who We Are

The School of Hospitality Business Management Catering Services takes pride in showcasing local products. This includes WSU’s premium beef, Cougar cheeses, organic produce, honey, grains, Ferdinand’s ice cream, and the bounty from our local community farmers and ranchers.

We offer students from multiple disciplines experiential learning opportunities that help them gain invaluable experience necessary for a successful career. These experiences include, but are not limited to, event management, marketing, product development, dining room management, culinary management, human resources, purchasing and receiving, inventory controls, menu development, finance, and soft skills, such as communication, leadership, and ethics.

We are fortunate to work in the state-of-the-art Marriott Hospitality Teaching Center conveniently located in Todd Hall, in the center of the Pullman campus. Under the guidance of Chef Mat Morgan, our students have the unique opportunity to work as leaders and mentors, experiencing both professional and personal growth.

We value being a part of the Washington State University community. We have created diverse menu options and services to help meet the needs of WSU and the surrounding community. Our offerings vary from per diem options to multi-course dinners.

By partnering with us, you help ensure that WSU students have the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence needed for a successful career in today’s competitive workforce.

The School of Hospitality Catering Services operates with integrity and excellence, serving both the community and the environment.

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Success Stories

Sarah Beaudry

(‘16 Hospitality Business Management)
Culinary Voyager Marriott Management Training Program, JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Marriott International

sarahbeaudry_150x200In my sophomore year, I wanted to get more involved in the HBM program’s opportunities. I previously worked for a catering company and have always had a passion for cooking, so I thought CCB catering would be the perfect fit. I worked in the back of house operations. After six months, I became one of the back of house leads. This position allowed me to take on more responsibility and learn product ordering, management, and inventory. I was responsible for running preparation and event shifts as well as managing scheduling. I also assisted with menu planning and some recipe development. I really enjoyed how much ownership I was able to take on and being part of a fun, hard-working community. I loved all of the special events and catering travels we experienced. Working in CCB Catering enhanced my culinary and professional skills and gave me a snapshot of what it’s like to work in a professional catering operation.

Kate Stewart

(’15 Hospitality Business Management)
The Grill at Bal Harbour, Florida

As a freshman, I got involved with the SHBM ambassador team and met Chef Jamie Callison and Dr. Nancy Swanger. As a sophomore, I dove further into the ambassador role and also started working in Hospitality Catering Services. In addition, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. In my junior year, I became a Catering Services kitchen lead and really developed my culinary and management skills. I was involved in both the planning and execution of some very exclusive events, including a trip to Napa Valley to serve a dinner at an alumnus’s private vineyard. I also completed a summer internship with Hillstone Restaurant Group. After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to start a management training program with Hillstone. I began my management career at South Beverly Grill. After four months, I completed training and was moved to Houston’s in Irvine, California. I was there almost exactly a year before being transferred to The Grill at Bal Harbour, Florida. I was promoted to senior assistant and am hiring, scheduling, and coaching the entire front of the house staff. The wonderful experiences I had in Carson College of Business were a “Cougar fairytale” of sorts that put me on the path to success.


Devon Anderson

Senior Director of Development
The Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture

Executive Chef Jamie Callison and his students have provided imaginative and delicious fare for a wide variety of Voiland College occasions. From festive board meeting dinners to alumni lunches, to building dedications, to a chef’s table in the teaching kitchen, chef and his students have made every event remarkably memorable. Chef and his team take great care to craft a creative menu and experience that never fails to delight our guests.

Jennifer Clapp

Director, Direct to Consumer Sales
Pepper Bridge Winery

We have had the privilege of working with Jamie Callison and his culinary team on several different occasions in the last few years and have been more than impressed with the level of professionalism that they present. From beginning to end, they conduct themselves with dignity and respect for each member of their team and deliver seamless service throughout each event. Jamie directs the group with a calm demeanor and guides them to take responsibility from beginning of service to an immaculate clean-up after service. In 25 years of entertaining for guests, I have never worked with a more efficient and more professional group of people who seem to take great pride in what they do.

Contact Information

Chef Mat Morgan
Director: Marriott Hospitality Culinary Innovation Center
Executive Chef – School of Hospitality Business Management


Student Event Coordinator