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Carson College of Business Institute for Senior Living

Institute for Senior Living

Education. Service. Research.

Serving as a transdisciplinary global institute for operations excellence in senior living

Where We Are

  • Industry-driven courses and program of study focused on operational performance
  • Partner with industry leaders to maintain curricular relevance and increase the number of professionals and students studying Senior Living Management
  • Courses led by full-time, industry experienced clinical assistant professor, Scott Eckstein, who connects real-world operations with best-in-class education
  • Provide undergraduate students with immersive learning every semester at senior living communities
  • Students gain real-world industry experience through the school’s 1,000 hour industry/ internship graduation requirement

Where We Are Headed

  • Granger Cobb Institute 
  • Establishment of the Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living
  • Development of professional certificates for industry professionals, online, anywhere in the world
  • Make Senior Living Management a strong part of student career considerations
  • Powerfully impact daily operations and lives of residents and families through innovative research

Faculty Fellows

  • Cory Bolkan, WSU Assoc Professor: Human Development
  • Diane Cook, WSU Chair/Professor: School of Electrical Eng & Comp Science
  • Minyoung Cerruti, WSU Instructor, Interior Design Program, School of Design & Construction
  • Julia Day, WSU Assistant Professor of Construction Management, Director: Integrated Design & Construction Lab, School of Design and Construction
  • Maureen Edgecombe, WSU Professor: Psychology
  • Shelly Fritz, WSU Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Mel Haberman, Executive Associate Dean and Director, College of Nursing
  • Laura Hill, WSU Chair/Professor: Human Development
  • Zihua Ma, UNLV Hospitality: Assistant Professor In Residence (SHBM PhD Alumni)
  • Deb Nelson, WSU Instructor: Human Development
  • Shelby Ruiz, WSU Research Assistant, Composite Materials & Engineering Center
  • Catherine VanSon, WSU Assoc Professor: College of Nursing
  • Raven Weaver, WSU Assistant Professor: Department of Human Development

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Contact Us

Scott Eckstein
Clinical Assistant Professor
Senior Living Executive-In-Residence | (424) 262-1288

Michelle Snyder
Assistant Director of Development | (509) 335-0916

In the News

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