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Carson College of Business Institute for Senior Living

Institute for Senior Living

Education. Service. Research.

Serving as a transdisciplinary global institute

for operations excellence in senior living

Granger Cobb Institute Naming


Where We Are

  • Industry-driven courses and program of study focused on operational performance
  • Partner with industry leaders to maintain curricular relevance and increase the number of professionals and students studying Senior Living Management
  • Courses led by full-time, industry experienced clinical assistant professor, Scott Eckstein, who connects real-world operations with best-in-class education
  • Provide undergraduate students with immersive learning every semester at senior living communities
  • Students gain real-world industry experience through the school’s 1,000 hour industry/ internship graduation requirement

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Contact Us

Darcie Bagott
SHBM Administrative Assistant
(509) 335-6387



Scott Eckstein
Clinical Assistant Professor
Senior Living Executive-In-Residence
(424) 262-1288

In the News

WSU launches Institute for Senior Living

Granger Cobb inducted into Senior Living Hall of Fame

Communities for the Golden Age

Steering Committee

Darcie Bagott
WSU SHBM Administrative Assistant

Chris Belford
Executive Vice President, American Healthcare Investors

Maribeth Bersani
Chief Operating Officer, Argentum

Cory Bolkan*
WSU Associate Professor: Human Development

Matt Bromen
Human Resources Director, ERA Living

Minyoung Cerruti*
WSU Instructor, Interior Design Program, School of Design & Construction

Kelvin Chiang

Adam Clark
Vice President of Growth Strategies, Aegis Living

Caitlin Cobb
Communications Manager, Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation

Cassie Cobb
Director of Customer Experience, PrettyLitter

Diane Cook*
WSU Chair/Professor: School of Electrical Eng & Comp Science

Julia Day*
WSU Assistant Professor of Construction Management, Director: Integrated Design & Construction Lab, School of Design and Construction

Patrick Dooley
Chief Operating Officer, Milestone Retirement Communities, LLC

Barb Duffy
Shareholder, Lane Powell

Scott Eckstein
WSU SHBM Clinical Professor

Maureen Edgecombe*
WSU Professor, Psychology

Mark Finklestein
Columbia Bank, Director

Shelly Fritz*
WSU Assistant Professor of Nursing

Tana Gall
Chief Executive Officer, Blue Harbor Senior Living

Bre Grubbs
Senior Vice President, Leisure Care/180

Chris Guay
Founder & President, Vitality Senior Living

Mel Haberman*
Executive Associate Dean and Director, College of Nursing

Laura Hill*
WSU Chair/Professor, Human Development

Justin Hutchens
Chief Executive Officer, HC-One, UK

Chris Hyatt
Chief Operations Officer, New Perspective Senior Living

Bob Kramer
Founder & Strategic Advisor, National Investment Center (NIC)

Zihua Ma*
UNLV Hospitality: Assistant Professor In Residence (SHBM PhD Alumni)

Jerry Meyer
President Emeritus & Board of Directors, Aegis Living

Gary Milner
Canyon Ranch Deb Nelson* WSU Instructor, Human Development

Travis Palmquist
Vice President & General Manager, Senior Living PointClickCare

Bill Pettit
President, R.D. Merrill Company (Merrill Gardens)

Shelby Ruiz*
WSU Research Assistant, Composite Materials & Engineering Center

David Schless
President, American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA)

Michelle Snyder
WSU CCB Assistant Director of Development

Mark Southern
AVP Food and Beverage, VI Senior Living

Nancy Swanger
WSU SHBM Director Steve Tarr Gartner EXP, Senior Executive Partner

Catherine VanSon*
WSU Associate Professor, College of Nursing

Raven Weaver*
WSU Assistant Professor, Department of Human Development

Melanie Werdel
Columbia Pacific Advisors

* denotes faculty fellow
Washington State University