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Washington State University

Carson College Annual Events Offer Industry Insights to Business Students and Communities

As an integral part of Washington’s research-oriented, land-grant institution, the Carson College of Business creates value for business and academic communities by hosting the annual Power Breakfast, Business Technology Symposium, and Walton Lecture events, along with industry speakers throughout the year. In 2022, a mix of globally competitive business leaders and entrepreneurs shared their professional insights through Carson College panels and lectures.

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Lind Ólafsdóttir Preps for Wine Career with Hospitality Education

For Lind Olafsdottir, the decision to pursue the WSU/César Ritz Colleges Switzerland joint bachelor’s degree was a natural fit for her long-time interest in food and beverage. Olafsdottir grew up in Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital, and a prime tourist destination. She entered the hospitality industry at 17 when she got a job at Apotek, a popular restaurant known for its mix of Icelandic and European cuisine and award-winning cocktails.

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Sarah Alwasil Parlays Hospitality Training toward Public Policy

Before her family moved to Switzerland, Sarah Alwasil grew up living in hotels across Europe and Asia while her father worked as a Saudi Arabian diplomat to the United Nations. The constant shifting of her environment may have contributed to her indecisive personality (self-described), but it also developed her confidence and interest in trying new things.

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