WSU Carson College of Business Faculty Among World’s Leading Researchers in Sports, Leisure, and Tourism

By Eric Hollenbeck

Five faculty members from the WSU School of Hospitality Business Management have been named among the top 2% of the world’s most cited scientists in the fields of sports, leisure, and tourism. This prestigious recognition, based on a comprehensive report by Stanford University, underscores the outstanding contributions and global impact of these scholars in their respective areas of expertise.

Carson College faculty members honored with this distinction include Ming-Hsiang Chen, Christina Chi, Dogan Gursoy, Robert Harrington, and Hyun Jeong (Jenny) Kim. Their research, which covers a broad spectrum of hospitality and tourism management, has been instrumental in advancing knowledge and practice within the industry.

Ming-Hsiang Chen, Professor

Research Interests: Hospitality finance, hospitality philanthropy, and tourism economics.

Christina Chi, Professor

Research Interests: Focus on tourist behavior and destination marketing, particularly in relation to cultural and heritage sites, as well as sustainability and wellbeing in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Dogan Gursoy, Taco Bell Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Renowned for his work on hospitality and tourism management, with a particular emphasis on use of artificially intelligent devices in service delivery, sustainability, services management, tourist behavior, and hospitality and tourism marketing.

Robert Harrington, Ivar B. Haglund Chair in Hospitality Business Management

Research Interests: Specializes in food and beverage management and its role in tourism, including the development of wine tourism and gastronomic experiences.

Hyun Jeong (Jenny) Kim, W. Terry Umbreit Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Specializes in organizational behavior and human resources in hospitality and tourism, with a focus on job performance and the psychological aspects of individual employees.

Elevating Global Hospitality Research Standards at WSU 

“This acknowledgment from Stanford University is a reflection of the high caliber and impactful research our faculty are conducting,” said Mario Reyes, interim director of the WSU School of Hospitality Business Management. “Their work not only advances the field of hospitality but also significantly contributes to our understanding of sports, leisure, and tourism. We are honored to have these distinguished scholars as part of our team and look forward to their continued success in shaping industry standards and practices.”

The inclusion of these faculty members in Stanford University’s report highlights their influence and leadership in the academic community, further establishing the Carson College of Business School of Hospitality Business Management as a leader in hospitality research on a global stage.