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Carson College of Business Greece – Student Story


Student Testimonials

Studying abroad transforms your view of the world

“The biggest impact study abroad has had on me since returning from the program is that I came back appreciating other cultures even more. It was an awesome experience getting to learn more about Greek culture and food. It was a great way to earn credits and exploring a new country! I would recommend if you have the opportunity to study abroad, do it. You will not regret it and you will have an awesome time, all while building life-long friendships and connections! I realized this world has a lot to offer and that I have only seen a very small portion of it. I discovered my passion to travel and I cannot wait to travel in the future again.”

Chania, Greece
Analexis Manjares-Diaz, Accounting major, Chania, Greece, Summer 2019

“In business, and especially in management, I could be thrown into a new problem, a new company, or a new group at any given time. Having the experience of adapting to a new culture and a new place with people I didn’t know very well taught me a lot about myself and how I work in new surroundings….It made me realize just how different life is in other countries, and how much I haven’t seen yet.”


Greek island of Santorini
Allison Thomas, Management major, Santorini, Greece, Summer 2014