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Dividend - Fall 2022 Creating Pathways to Excellence

Being a Carson Coug means joining a network of alumni that will always take care of each other

It also means getting involved and being a leader wherever you go. The Carson College of Business creates well-rounded students who are prepared for the workforce.

I have always had a drive to serve others and a passion for food from a young age. When I learned you can study and pursue a degree in hospitality, I was all for it. The supportive faculty and staff in the School of Hospitality Business Management made the Carson College feel like home for me from my first semester.

I learned so much in my hospitality classes, especially in my capstone course. We formed groups to create innovative concepts and business plans, which taught us about the financial, operational, marketing, and legal aspects of opening a hospitality business. We also learned how to successfully collaborate online. In our pre-capstone course, we participated in the international Intercollegiate Wine Business Invitational competition, winning the Best Label Design category.

Being a School of Hospitality Business Management ambassador helped me excel in my major. Initially, it allowed me to know the faculty and staff on a personal level, so in the classroom, I was more willing to participate and reach out for help when needed. Career-wise, it gave me opportunities to meet industry professionals and apply what I learned from them toward my coursework.

Chef Jamie Callison probably had the biggest positive impact on me, beginning with my freshman year. He was at the center of many of my learning experiences over the years, along with multiple people in the college. Everything he did was for the students, and that showed every day. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given.

Thank you so much for investing in my classmates and our futures and for believing in us and the programs that make this possible. Being a graduate of the Carson College means more than just having a random degree; it holds a lot of weight in the business world.

I hope to one day establish my own hospitality scholarship at WSU to help students just like me. I want to invest in other students’ futures, just as you have in mine.

Margaret Bader
Hospitality Business Management
Class of 2022
Hometown: Everett, Washington

Photo by WSU Photo Services