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Dividend - Fall 2022 Creating Pathways to Excellence

Being a Carson Coug means that Cougs help other Cougs

I think this is shown through the work of the college’s National Board of Advisors and the amount of Carson Cougs I’ve seen willing to come give advice to current Cougs. This is such an amazing group of people who just want to help others and share success. It means so much to be able to be a part of a community that continues to help even after graduation.

I am an extremely people-oriented person and thrive at task management. I knew I wanted to be in a management-related field. Taking Kristine Kuhn’s human resources (HR) classes affirmed HR was my passion. Her class taught me a lot about HR, and I found the topics interesting and applicable.

She presented us with HR scenarios to solve, which will help me in my career as I apply those lessons to real-world situations. I also wanted to have a technical skill, so I pursued a finance degree too. After college, I hope to gain a full-time position in either HR or finance.

The person who has impacted my college experience the most is probably Nori Pearson, instructor for Accounting 230. I didn’t think I would do very well in that class because the subject material was difficult. But that class taught me to work hard and have discipline. I was also able to seek advice from Nori, but I wasn’t coddled. That was very helpful—I really excelled and became a better student.

I was a first-generation student. When I graduated in May, it gave me a great sense of accomplishment to be the first person in my family to graduate from a university.

You helped make all of this possible for me and my fellow Carson Cougs across our campuses. I worked as a resident advisor to help pay my way, but I relied on your support to help pay my tuition. Your support helped reduce the amount of student debt I had when I graduated. Thank you!

It will be exciting to visit WSU again as a Carson Coug alumna. I look forward to giving advice to the next generation of undergraduate Carson Cougs, as others have done for me. Truly, we are Cougs helping Cougs.

Charlotte Singer
Finance and HR Management, Psychology Minor
Class of 2022
Hometown: Menlo Park, California

Photo by WSU Photo Services