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Washington State University
Dividend - Fall 2022 College Affairs

Annual Awards

Outstanding Faculty Research

George Jiang

Department of Finance and Management Science

George Jiang had 14 research papers accepted for publication in the past three years, including one in a premier academic journal and several in top publications. Many of these publications are with current and former doctoral students, showing his dedication to helping others develop their research skills.

Outstanding Faculty Service

Claire Latham

Department of Accounting (retired)

Claire Latham has completed hundreds of service hours related to the college’s assurance of learning for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business’s accreditation process. She led her committee through an extensive overhaul that aligned the process with The Next Carson Coug curriculum’s new learning goals. This work involves analyzing course and class content, testing students, and informing faculty about the outcomes.

Outstanding Faculty Teaching

Joe Compeau

Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship

Joe Compeau is a teacher who strives to create an outstanding educational experience while developing future business leaders. He reduced the lecture time in his classes and increased learning through small group activities and student-instructor interaction. He also mentors new faculty and doctoral students to develop their teaching skills.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Assistant

Shazzad Sikdar

Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship

Shazzad Sikdar gives students detailed feedback on assignments and helps them track their progress over time. He also is very interested in teaching techniques. When classes moved online during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a professor suggested using a comic-strip style approach to illustrate case studies and increase student engagement. Sikdar reviewed websites for designing comics based on cost, ease of use, and quality of graphics. He also helped students transition back to in-person learning.


Muzi Liu

Department of Marketing and International Business

Muzi Liu has a teaching style that encourages students to apply marketing concepts to relevant, real-world situations. She encourages students to ask questions and make meaning contributions in class. Students consistently give her high scores during evaluations for the wide range of classes she teaches.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Research

Nasir Haghighi

Department of Marketing and International Business

Nasir Haghighi inspires his peers through his research. He coauthored an article recently in the International Journal of Research in Marketing. Due to his research credentials, the University of Washington hired him to work on its Tacoma campus after graduation.

Outstanding Staff – Student Engagement

Leanne Ralstin

Carson Center for Student Success

Leanne Ralstin took on extra duties during a time of transition in the center. Despite overwhelming responsibilities, she stepped up to ensure the Career Networking Night, numerous Boeing and PACCAR events, the college’s mentorship program, and the weekly student newsletters went smoothly. She was invaluable in guiding students to satisfy Carson Career Amplifier requirements through events and workshops.

Outstanding Staff – College Engagement

Lisa Wood

Department of Marketing and International Business

Lisa Wood stepped up to help two other departments in addition to her regular administrative duties. She provided administrative support for the Department of Finance and Management Science when it was without an administrative assistant and served on the search committee to fill the position. She also helped the new administrative assistant in the Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship get acclimated.

Outstanding Staff – Faculty Engagement

Marlene Ibsen

Department of Accounting

Marlene Ibsen goes above and beyond in her job, helping new faculty get acquainted with the college’s processes. She responds quickly to requests, completing reimbursements within one or two days and reserving classrooms as soon as they are available. Colleagues say she is pleasant to be around and makes them happy.