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Dividend - Fall 2020 Making An Impact

A Message from Tammy Hossfeld

Chair, National Board of Advisors

“The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus

Truer words have never been more relevant and meaningful than in our current times. The world has changed drastically since my last message, and I am certain it will have changed even more by the time this is published. We all remember living out our college days in our safe campus bubbles, and sadly even those bubbles have been impacted. Never has there been a time where so many facets of life have been in chaos. Positive news and well-earned accomplishments are something all of us could benefit from hearing about.

Despite these unprecedented global conditions, we can all be proud of how quickly the Carson College of Business pivoted and continued toward its goals. Online learning, already a well-accepted practice amongst many of our faculty and staff, rolled out very quickly. The faculty and staff worked tirelessly to move all curricula online, and their resultant ingenuity and creativity has been inspiring.

The first year of the new curriculum for all incoming freshmen proved to be wildly successful. Student engagement and enthusiasm for the new way of learning exceeded expectations and led to a smooth launch the Carson College will continue to build upon. My colleagues on the National Board of Advisors were instrumental in helping to revise the curriculum to better prepare our students for success in today’s business world. I am thankful to all of them for the countless hours they provided in think tanks, consulting with faculty on course design, and working with the Carson Center for Student Success on content. It was rewarding to see that work come to fruition this past academic year and for all of us to participate further by facilitating mock interviews, mentoring, teaching classes, and more. Enhancing the professional polish and leadership skills of our students will certainly lead them to bigger and better career opportunities.

The Carson College is fortunate to have leadership in place that is already cultivating new ideas and working toward how we will need to evolve in this new world. While continuing to provide a quality education to our students, they are also looking at the positives that can come from change. Expect to hear great things as we progress through this time!

One thing that does not waver or change is the passion of the Cougar nation to support and assist one another. I can always depend on that and know that we will all work together to continue the successful upward momentum of the Carson College.


Tammy Hossfeld

Tammy Hossfeld