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Washington State University

Ph.D. Roster

Carson College of Business Portraits


B.S. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
M.S. University of Denver
M.S. Temple University
Dissertation: Net Share Issuance, Institutional Trading, and Stock Market Returns
Major Advisor: George J. Jiang
Placement: California State University, Chico


Majid Dadgar

Management Information Systems
B.A. University of Tehran
M.A. The Ohio State University
Dissertation: ICT-enabled Self-management of Chronic Diseases and Conditions Through Value-sensitive Design
Major Advisor: K.D. Joshi
Placement: University of San Francisco

Carson College of Business Portraits

Nari Kim

Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
BBA: Kyungpook National University
MA: State University of New York at Albany
Dissertation: The Antecedents, Consequences, and Remedies of Corporate Financial Wrongdoings
Major Advisor: John Cullen
Placement: Post doctoral position, UC Irvine

Carson College of Business Portraits

Skylar King

Marketing and International Business
B.S. Weber State University
Dissertation: Product Recalls Conceptualized as a Social Dilemma
Major Advisor: Jeff Joireman
Placement: Weber State University

Carson College of Business Portraits

Lu Lu

Hospitality Business Management
B.A. Southwest University for Nationalities
M.S. Washington State University Dissertation: The Impact of Sustainable Food on Restaurant Customers’ Experience and Decision-making
Major Advisors: Dogan Gursoy, Christina G. Chi
Placement: Temple University


Zihui Ma

Hospitality Business Management
B.A. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
M.S. Virginia Tech
Dissertation: Successful Aging: Decision-making Process of Moving into a Senior Living Community
Major Advisor: Jenny Kim
Placement: University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Victor Pimentel

Operations and Management Science
B.S. University of Texas at El Paso
Dissertation: Hotel Revenue Management: Simultaneous Overbooking-Allocation, Dynamic Pricing, and Key Forecasting Parameters
Major Advisor: Tim Baker
Placement: Niagara University

Multicultural Student Services Graduation Celebration 2015

Bahae Samhan

Information Systems
B.S. Applied Science University
M.S. Florida International University
Dissertation: Why Do People Resist Health IT? Literature Analysis, Model Testing, and Refinement
Major Advisor: K.D. Joshi
Placement: Illinois State University


Joseph Taylor

Management Information Systems
B.A. Brigham Young University
M.B.A. Thunderbird School of International Management
Dissertation: Crowdsourcing IT Work: A Three-Fold Perspective from the Workers, Buyers, and Platform Providers
Major Advisor: K.D. Joshi
Placement: Sacramento State University


Phillip Witt

Operations and Management Science
B.S. Brigham Young University
MBA Utah State University
Dissertation: Success Factors in Six Sigma Project Performance
Major Advisor: Tim Baker
Placement: University of Nebraska-Omaha

Carson College of Business Portraits

Qiongqi Xiao

Finance and Insurance
Dissertation: The Audit Committee, Insolvency, Transparency, and Cost of Equity: Evidence from U.S. Property-Liability Insurance Companies
Major Advisor: Gene Lai
Placement: Metropolitan State University of Denver