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Washington State University


First apply for admission to the University. Then apply for certification in the college.


If you are an incoming freshman, gaining admission to the Carson College of Business is a two-phase process:

Apply for admission to the University.

You can take introductory business classes, along with all of your core requirements, through the end of your sophomore year.

Apply for certification in the Carson College of Business.

You’ll need to apply at the end of your sophomore year in order to take 300-400 level business classes. Once certified,  you are officially admitted into the Carson College. Keep in mind that space in the Carson College is limited and the certification process is competitive.

Transfer students

Do you have the credits needed to transfer?

You are considered a transfer student if you have attended a community college or a 4-year school and have completed at least 27 semester or 40 quarter hours of transferable work. (A GPA higher than 2.0 is required for coursework to be transferable.) If you have less than 40 quarter credit hours, refer to freshman admission requirements.

2 steps to apply

  • Apply to certify as a business major. Submit your application to the College during your last term of enrollment in prerequisite courses.

See how your courses transfer

To verify courses needed to transfer from your current Washington state community college, or to request a new course evaluation, please use our transfer course database.

Request information

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