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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Standard Admission

Standard Admission

Admission Requirements

To be eligible to apply for admission into the Carson College of Business, students must meet all of the following curricular, co-curricular, GPA, and credit requirements:

  1. A grade of ‘C’ or higher in the following courses:
    • B_A 100 Introduction to Business (3 cr.)
    • HBM 101 Professional Development for the Business World (1 cr.)
    • B_A 102 Exploring Careers in Business (1 cr.)
    • MATH 201 Mathematics for Business & Economics (3 cr.) (acceptable substitutes: MATH 140, 202, 171, or ALEKS score of 80% or higher)
    • ECONS 101 Microeconomics OR ECONS 102 Macroeconomics (3 cr.)
  2. Carson Career Amplifier Program Tier I or Crimson Pathway I
  3. WSU cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher and not on academic probation
  4. Complete 27 or more semester credit hours

When/How to Apply

Students typically apply for admission during their second or third semester when they are enrolled in B_A 102. If you are enrolled in B_A 102 and will complete all admission requirements by the end of this semester, click the apply button below.If you took B_A 102 in a previous semester and are now finishing all of your admission requirements this semester, click the apply button below.

Pullman Campus


Global Campus


Vancouver Campus


Everett Campus

Students should email for instructions on applying for admission

Tri-Cities Campus

Students should email their academic advisor for instructions on applying for admission

Notification of Admission Decision

Preliminary reviews of applications will begin in the middle of the semester.Final reviews will take place after final grades are available.

Notifications of final admission status will be sent to your WSU email account within 3 weeks of final grades posting.

Next Step: Register for Next Semester’s Classes

During your first year after you are admitted into the Carson College, here are business classes you should take. Check your myWSU Academic Requirements report and consult with your academic advisor to ensure all other requirements are fulfilled.

Pullman Students All other campuses
B_A 201 Ethics for Business (1 cr.)
B_A 202 Teams (1 cr.)
B_A 203 Innovation (1 cr.)
B_A 211 Ethics, Teams, Innovation
B_A 204 Spreadsheets
B_A 205 Data Visualization (1 cr.)
B_A 206 Decision Analysis ( 1 cr.) B_A 212 Spreadsheets, Data Visualization, and Decision Analysis
B_A 212 Spreadsheets, Data Visualization, and Decision Analysis

Additional Classes to Register for:

  • UCORE requirements not yet completed
  • ACCTG 230 Intro to Financial Accounting (Prereq: 27 credits completed)
  • ACCTG 231 Intro to Managerial Accounting (Prereq: ACCTG 230)
  • ACCTG 298 Honors Intro to Financial & Managerial Accounting (Prereq: Honors student)
  • BLAW 210 Law & the Legal Business Environment (Prereq: None)
  • HBM 280 Hospitality Systems (HBM majors only)
  • I_BUS 280 International Relations & Global Leadership (IBUS majors only)
  • MIS 250 Managing Information Technology (Prereq: Sophomore standing)
  • MGTOP 215 Business Statistics (Prereq: Math 201, 202, 106, 140, 171, 172, or 202. And B_A 204 or 212)
  • MKTG 360 Marketing (Prereq: Admitted major in business)