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Student Stories

Lessons from abroad

Study Abroad in Korea

“I consider studying abroad to South Korea one of the greatest decisions that I’ve ever made. It’s funny to think back to how hesitant I was about the whole thing because of how amazing I found the experience to be. Not only did I make amazing friends and experience a brand new culture, but I also got the opportunity to learn from distinguished professors from all around the world. It’s true that the culture shock is a difficult thing to overcome, but once you start to make some new friends and start to go out more, you’ll be sad that you have to come back. This is an experience I can’t recommend enough so if it is something that you’re considering, I say definitely go for it.”

—Zachary Rost, International Business major, Business in Korea program, 2018

Study Abroad in Czech Republic

“My time in Prague was amazing. The city is very clean, safe and not to mention beautiful! I also felt like the staff really cared about us and wanted to keep us safe. Studying abroad was the best decision I ever made in college. I think it helped both my personal and professional growth. Being far away from home definitely was challenging at times, but I found comfort in being uncomfortable. I truly feel like the experience made me grow into the person I am today. I also think my business classes helped me in my professional career.”

-Alisha Balogh, Hospitality Business Management major, CEA Prague program, 2019

Study Abroad in France

“My biggest takeaway from studying abroad is that life is too short not to take chances, explore, and have fun. I’m typically a very cautious person, so studying abroad was a large step outside my comfort zone. Being away from my family, being in a foreign place, and only barely speaking French made me really nervous. However, I ended up making some great friends, learning a lot, enjoying my time abroad, and making memories that will last a lifetime!”

-Corissa Cruzen, Marketing major, ISA France program, 2019

Study Abroad in Indonesia

“By studying abroad, I experienced self-growth, developed independence, and became more adaptable, patient, and well-rounded. Since returning, I have wanted to travel, experience new things, and meet new people because of Bali. I’ve become more adaptable to new things and places because of it. If you are thinking about study abroad, I suggest you go somewhere that YOU want, and don’t follow the crowd. Go to a destination that will force you to grow and meet new people and learn new things. Appreciate its culture, and take it home with you.”

-Lora Lyle, Marketing major, ISEP Bali, Indonesia program, Spring 2020

The International Experience Requirement (IER) equips you with a global perspective that gives you a competitive edge in your career.

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