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Washington State University
Carson College of Business CCB Native American Scholarships in Business

Native American Scholarships in Business

The Carson College of Business has two scholarships available for our Native American students.

The Philip H & Steven P Cozier Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was funded through a gift from Lucy W. Cozier Brennan to honor her husband and son, Philip and Steven Cozier, and her father-in-law, Carl Cozier. The Cozier family has a long association with WSU. Both Carl and Philip were Cougs, along with other family member and their relatives. Carl Cozier farmed and raised livestock. He attended the Washington Agricultural School of farming from 1899-1901 and the WAC School of Veterinary Science from 1901-1903. He later completed his DVM and practiced veterinary medicine in Washington for many years. Throughout his life he was a dedicated advocate of education. The Carl Cozier Elementary School in Bellingham, WA was named for him. Philip Cozier graduated from WSU in 1937 with a degree in business. After graduation, he was employed by the General Electric Company.

The Tousley Scholarship

Annual scholarship given to a full-time, undergraduate or graduate student with a preference for a major within the Dept. of Marketing and demonstrates financial need.


Application Deadline: April 17, 2023


This application is now closed.

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