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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Eta Sigma Delta

Eta Sigma Delta

Members of this internationally recognized honor society for hospitality and tourism students are recognized for their academic achievement, meritorious service, and demonstrated professionalism.

To join

You must:

  • Either major or minor in hospitality business management
  • Have completed 50% of the credit hours required for graduation, and
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

You will be initiated after spending one semester in Eta Sigma Delta and meeting all initiation requirements.


Eta Sigma Delta will hold several philanthropic events throughout the year. Stay tuned to find out more!


Five points of honor


Eta Sigma Delta upholds a continuous pursuit of excellence in all we do. Through the quest for excellence, we pledge to uphold high standards for both academic and professional achievement.


A leader is like a light held high that brightens the way for others. Let us each pledge that in our personal and professional relationships, we will demonstrate the qualities of leadership.


Eta Sigma Delta realizes that the ability to think creatively will affect the future of our professions. Our innovation will lead to better decisions and outcomes.


Eta Sigma Delta acknowledges the importance of service. After all, it is service that makes the hospitality industry unique. May our concern for others help promote our professional success and inspire us to lead lives of service.


Eta Sigma Delta establishes a commitment to Ethics. The consideration of the ethics guides our personal and professional decision-making. May this final candle brilliantly light the way for each of us throughout our lives.

Executive board

Madalyn Pearson, President

Theo Cobb, Vice President

Sarah Milton, Treasurer

Laura Peder, Director of Events

Club advisor

Jenni Sandstrom
Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Hospitality Business Management