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Dividend - Fall 2023 A Message from the Interim Dean

A Message from the Interim Dean

Photo by WSU Photo Services

Dear friends,

I’m pleased to introduce this issue of Dividend that celebrates a significant milestone in our college’s history—the launch of our first class of Next Carson Coug graduates. As part of the original planning committee, I look back with pride at what it took to produce this generation who are perhaps better prepared to lead businesses than any class before them.

Several years ago, our college decided to reevaluate the effectiveness of our undergraduate curriculum. We compared ourselves to other colleges of business, read reports of what skills are in most demand, and consulted with frequent, knowledgeable employers of our graduates as well as with those who were more reluctant to hire our grads. Our assessment revealed our graduates had strong technical skills but could improve in professional polish. With this in mind, we created the Next Carson Coug curriculum based on a successful framework deemed “Know—Do—Be.”

To be or become graduates with the characteristics employers find important, students must first know and apply business facts and theories and practice professional habits. Because we believe every student has a unique path, we infused our program with relevant experiences and leadership lessons that will help them launch successful careers and lives. You’ll notice this theme illustrated throughout this issue.

Our process of creating skilled business leaders begins with first-year students attending our Launch program, which you can learn about in our cover story. Offered each semester, this program ensures students understand what is expected of them as Next Carson Cougs. Launch focuses on helping new students acclimate to the college, prepare to engage in class, and to become leaders of their own academic success.

We’d like to see every one of our Carson Cougs as adaptable, pioneering, enthusiastic, grounded, and dedicated— traits that are the essence of the Carson College brand. You’ll see many examples of how our students, faculty, and alumni reflect these traits, beginning with a section dedicated to successful student internship experiences in the US, Dubai, and Japan that have led to great job placements.

Our students’ enthusiasm is unmistakable in scholarship features highlighting Kierra Flaherty, Molly Olney, and Diego Bante Rivera, whose academic and leadership competencies were rewarded by WSU, external agencies, and Carson College donors. You’ll learn about course work and new industry and degree partnerships that help shape our students into corporate citizens with competency in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our MBA and doctoral students are grounded in leadership practices that inspire others, as you’ll see in our graduate section showcasing how they are applying their skills to add value to their respective companies, as well as their military and academic careers.

The success of our students stems largely from their own aspirations and efforts, but also from the dedicated support of our donors, alumni, and industry partners who give back to our college in a multitude of ways. As you read about their engagement, I invite you to consider how you might help contribute to our students’ success and leadership development.

Go Cougs!

Debbie Compeau,
Interim Dean