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Dividend - Fall 2023 College Affairs

Carson College of Business Annual Awards

Outstanding Faculty Service Award

Beau Barnes

Department of Accounting

Beau Barnes is committed to encouraging and guiding doctoral students to pursue their interests rather than conforming to mainstream research. His exemplary service to the department, including his appointment as the PhD program coordinator, has resulted in significant growth and development of the Carson College doctoral program. Barnes’s willingness to mentor students and make himself available for guidance has been invaluable to their success.

Outstanding Faculty Research Award

Jacob Jaggi

Department of Accounting

Jacob Jaggi has published two papers in top accounting journals since joining the department in 2020, and another is in the final stages of review. He supports fellow researchers by providing multiple written reviews for their work. Jaggi’s commitment to publishing in prestigious journals is commendable as he researches topics including corporate governance, monitoring mechanisms, and debt contracting.

Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

Kevin Chase

Department of Marketing and International Business

Kevin Chase is an exceptional instructor. His courses incorporate hands-on, role-play exercises that build and sharpen students’ sales skills. Chase has made valuable contributions outside the classroom by supporting the director of the newly established Center for Professional Sales through partnerships with 15 organizations and raising nearly $85,000 in sponsorships. He has also coached students to success in various sales competitions, resulting in direct recruitment from firms.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Assistant Award

Ruixe (Rachel) Gao

Department of Finance and Management Science

Ruixe (Rachel) Gao demonstrates passion for helping students succeed and is committed to holding office hours, grading assignments, and leading review sessions. Her work ethic and knowledge of the course material allow her to break down complex concepts and facilitate active learning. Gao has consistently achieved high levels of student satisfaction for her teaching. She fosters an inclusive and supportive learning environment where all students feel welcome and valued.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Award

JT Bates

Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship

JT Bates is an exceptional instructor who prioritizes his students’ learning experience. His approach to teaching through practice and real-world experience is highly effective and engaging for his students. His outstanding dedication to students is reflected in their feedback. He creates a comfortable learning environment where students feel encouraged to engage in class. His logistical skills, passion for teaching, and care for his students’ future are truly remarkable.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Research Award

Demi Deng

School of Hospitality Business Management

Demi Deng has shown exceptional talent and performance in her doctoral program. She’s actively involved in grant writing and successfully received a USDA grant to study the use of virtual-reality in the marketing of Washington state wines. She has published multiple papers in top-tier hospitality journals and received a tenure-track assistant professor position at Auburn University for fall 2023. She is a committed academic and researcher who has received numerous awards and recognition.

Outstanding Staff Student Engagement Award

Stephanie Leeper

WSU Vancouver

Stephanie Leeper is recognized for exceptional contributions to the WSU Vancouver Business Growth Mentor and Analysis program. She provided substantial support to keep the program thriving during the leadership transition. Leeper has a strong work ethic, pays attention to detail, and seeks innovative ways to improve student engagement. She went above and beyond to help students achieve academic and personal success and created an in-depth data analysis system to provide a more student-centered approach to the Carson Career Amplifier program on the Vancouver campus.

Outstanding Staff College Engagement Award

Hans Schnabel

Office of the Dean

Hans Schnabel has been instrumental in solving problems related to scheduling and securing great spaces for classes, while also providing excellent customer service to all who seek his help. Schnabel has played a critical role in ensuring the accuracy of myWSU advising reports for all business majors on all campuses. He serves as a “connector” of department chairs, administrators, and advisors.

Outstanding Staff Faculty Engagement Award

Joan Halsey

Graduate and Online programs

Joan Halsey demonstrates unwavering commitment to professionalism, kindness, and attentiveness. She exhibits willingness to go above and beyond in supporting remote instructors, such as implementing the Faculty Mentorship program, which has greatly benefited students and faculty. Halsey’s contributions to the Carson College have been instrumental in creating a positive and productive learning environment.