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Washington State University
Dividend - Fall 2022 Creating Pathways to Excellence

To me, being a Carson Coug means being part of a family

In every business class I took, I made friends and connections. Whenever I needed help, there was someone there to help me. We worked together on studying and projects—and we knew that we could count on each other.

The main reason I chose to study business, specifically marketing, was because I am fascinated with how marketers strive to understand the way people think and use that insight to try to sell them a product. Marketing will always be exciting because it’s ever changing, and you have to learn to adapt to people of all ages and cultures.

As a first-generation college student, I tried to immerse myself in as much of the college experience as possible. For example, participating in the Business Plan Competition helped me greatly in both entrepreneurship and marketing. It allowed me the experience of creating a business venture and practicing a sales pitch. I gained overall confidence in my business skills, especially professionalism and public speaking.

I also took advantage of Carson College’s mentoring program, and it was a great experience. The program helped me gain a plethora of knowledge about the business world. Also, my mentor helped me with interview skills, my LinkedIn profile, and revising my résumé.

Being the first in my family to attend college made me work harder and make the best of every experience given to me at WSU.

Your support empowered me to pursue my passion for marketing and entrepreneurship. It allowed me to have one less stressor, focus on my education, and try new things. For instance, it allowed me to try business clubs like Collegiate DECA, which helped me gain confidence and grow professionally. I plan to get a job that can help me gain more knowledge in either marketing or building my own company.

Ryan Orcutt
Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Class of 2022
Hometown: Mill Creek, Washington

Photo by WSU Photo Services