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Dividend - Fall 2022 Creating Pathways to Excellence

Being a Carson Coug is an honor, but it also comes with a great responsibility

It is more than a prestigious title—there is a reason Carson Cougs find success in life. My part of this legacy is to go into the world and represent the Carson College of Business well, for it has provided me endless opportunity to ensure my success.

As an out-of-state student, I overcame lots of obstacles to come to WSU. Initially, my parents were not going to be able to send me here due to the expense. I had a gut feeling about attending WSU, and I knew that by following my heart, things would work themselves out. Upon the beginning of my freshman year, I was awarded the Philip and June Lighty Leadership Award. This scholarship covered the cost of tuition across the entire four years of my time here, which has been an absolute blessing and completely changed the scope of my life. The possibilities for where I go in life are limitless because of this financial support. I have goals beyond my wildest imagination and the motivation to achieve them. Knowing that there are people in my corner has been an amazing feeling.

I am a member of the Expanding Diverse Group Experiences (EDGE) program, one of the innovative Carson Center programs that helps ensure the success of first-generation business students. Being a first-gen student, I look forward to being able to make my family proud and inspire my siblings to do amazing things with their lives. The EDGE program has been instrumental in assisting students like me to find opportunity and successfully navigate their career paths. My role in EDGE enables me to feel better prepared to take charge of my life and take advantage of opportunity. I also feel I can teach what I learn to other students.

After I graduate, I look forward to giving back to WSU for the bountiful opportunity it gave me and continuing the tradition of Cougs helping Cougs.

Without the generous support of donors like you, my life story would look much different today. Receiving financial assistance has meant everything to me. What people don’t see is the ripple effects this support has had on my family. It is truly an honor to them as it is to me.
Thank you!

Dominic Devengenzo
Accounting & Management Information Systems/EDGE Program
Class of 2024
Hometown: Concord, California

Photo courtesy of WSU Photo Services