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Cougs Looking out for Cougs

By Sue McMurray • Photo courtesy of Tammy and Jon Hossfeld

Tammy (’96 Busi. Admin.) and Jon Hossfeld (’91 Poli. Sci.) have generously supported the creation of The Next Carson Coug program and its implementation through donorship and Tammy’s service as chair of the Carson College’s National Board of Advisors. Together, they explain what motivates them to give back to WSU.


Since you are graduates of different WSU colleges, what motivates you as a couple to support The Next Carson Coug (TNCC) undergraduate program, and how does TNCC align with your passions?

The Next Carson Coug is such a different approach to a traditional curriculum and will benefit our students as they move forward toward their careers. No matter which college you attended within WSU, Cougs just want Cougs to succeed! Hopefully the success of this program is something that other colleges within the University are able to emulate.

What do you both want other Cougs to know about TNCC—what makes it unique?

The beauty of TNCC is that its genesis came entirely from the vast knowledge of our National Board of Advisors. Everyone assumes that all graduates, regardless of the university they attended, will know the basics of the business world, but what can truly set a graduate apart are the necessary soft skills such as the ability to cross collaborate, manage projects, and think analytically, among others.

What are the top skills you think undergrads need to enter the business world?

In today’s world, it’s important for undergrads to have the ability to work cross functionally and be adaptable. Strong interpersonal skills can oftentimes get you further than technical skills.

What successes would you like to see as a result of supporting TNCC?

As we continue to strive to be the business school of choice in the Northwest, it’s important the quality of our graduates is even better under the new curriculum. One positive effect from the pandemic has been the increased number of companies now virtually recruiting at WSU. The ultimate hope is that all of our students will have strong career options as they graduate.

What would your call to action be to other WSU and Carson College alumni in regard to supporting TNCC?

We encourage all alumni to learn more about TNCC and how it approaches undergraduate work in a unique way. The hard work the Carson College put into the development and execution of this new curriculum is commendable. While financial contributions to support TNCC are important, it’s also vital to have alumni willing to volunteer time to work with the students through mentoring, mock interviews, or other professional development experiences.

Tell me about your best memory or experience with the Carson College.

We are not sure it could be narrowed down to one specific memory. It’s always wonderful to be engaged in events that involve the students so that we can see first-hand their enthusiasm and desire to better themselves as they advance toward receiving their degrees.

What do you value most about your own WSU educations—how has it contributed to your careers and life success?

We both treasure the time we had in Pullman. We feel we received quality educations, and more importantly, have been blessed with an amazing network of Cougar alumni. Whether it is a friend or a stranger, Cougs always look out for Cougs—and this is especially true within the business community. That desire to give back to WSU was fostered during our college years and subsequent careers.