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Dividend - Fall 2020 College Affairs

Carson College of Business Annual Awards

Outstanding Faculty Research Award

Arvin Sahaym

Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship

Arvin Sahaym is credited for being both an excellent researcher and research mentor. In 2019, he had six papers published in top-tier journals on the topics of management, information systems, and entrepreneurship. Five of the papers were coauthored with students or individuals he is mentoring, demonstrating his commitment to helping others develop their research skills.

Outstanding Faculty Service Award

Sue Gill

Department of Accounting

Sue Gill was honored for her leadership over the past nine years, during which she even agreed to serve an extra year as department chair after a failed search. Under her direction, the department has developed a national and international reputation, including recognition for its research. She also contributed to the college’s teaching mission through her own teaching and mentoring of others. She is dedicated to their professional development and particularly helpful to junior faculty as they learn how to navigate the numerous demands on their time.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Assistant Award

Pavan Munaganti

Department of Marketing and International Business

Pavan Munaganti has been indispensable as a teaching assistant during his career at WSU. In addition to carrying a heavy teaching load, he has served as the point person for two honors theses in the last year. He also was one of the two managers of the Center for Behavioral Business Research, with responsibilities related to scheduling, maintenance, and event planning.

Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

Jason Porter

Department of Accounting

Jason Porter is an exceptional teacher who is generous about sharing his expertise across the department, college, and University. He teaches two required courses for accounting majors in which students gain the technical skills needed to succeed as accounting professionals. Recruiters for public accounting firms scrutinize students’ grades in those two classes and often hire Carson graduates. He brings a creative approach to difficult instruction by taping lectures students watch as homework assignments, supplemented by problem-solving activities in class. He has also written a number of cases he uses to make material relevant to students.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Award

Natalie Liberman

Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship

Natalie Liberman receives high marks for her teaching style. She brings her own experience as a manager to the classroom, where she teaches negotiation skills, business ethics, and corporate responsibility. Her classes are stimulating, engaging, and participatory, and she truly cares about students’ learning. Students feel welcome to ask her advice on a variety of topics, which shows their level of trust and respect.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Research Award

Zhe (Chris) Ouyang

Department of Hospitality Business Management

Zhe (Chris) Ouyang built a strong research profile during her doctoral studies with nine papers published, all in top-tier hospitality and tourism journals, with several more in the pipeline. This is a rare accomplishment among Ph.D. students and highlights the quality of her research. She won first place in the Carson College’s Three Minute Thesis competition and represented the college in the University-wide competition.

Outstanding Staff Student Engagement Award

Michelle Chapman

Assistant Director for Student Engagement and Scholarships, Carson Center for Student Success

Michelle Chapman played a critical role in the Carson Career Amplifier Program’s launch. When she started working on the project in early 2019, the program was just a roughed-out plan being considered by the WSU Faculty Senate. There were dozens of moving pieces. Chapman took all this on, even though she did not officially get the amplifier program coordinator position until midsummer. All of the program’s elements were up and running on time.

Outstanding Staff College Engagement Award

Tony Thompson

Ambassador of Buzz for the Carson College

Tony Thompson is helpful to people across the college and the entire University—faculty and staff, and, particularly, students. He always looks for ways to promote the Carson College and his beloved WSU, and spread the news of all that is right on at WSU. He has a natural ability to win over others, and he is in his element when he’s teaching and mentoring students.

Outstanding Staff Faculty Engagement Award

Melissa Painter

Administrative Assistant in the Department of Hospitality Business Management

Melissa Painter is a hard worker and compassionate colleague. She excels at customer service, and she’s kind and collaborative in her interactions with staff and faculty. She’s adept at enforcing policy when needed while working to find solutions to problems. She truly cares about her job, her colleagues, and the college.