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Carson College of Business Carson College of Business Re-Admission

Re-Admission into the Carson College of Business

Eligibility and Instructions

In accordance with Academic Regulation 53, if a student falls below the minimum departmental requirements for two semesters, they may be released from their major. Students in the Carson College of Business are required to maintain a minimum Business GPA of 2.50 to remain in their major and graduate.

If a Carson College a student is released from their major, they may be eligible to apply for readmission to the College if they are able to raise their WSU Business GPA to a 2.50 or higher and are in good academic standing. Please note that once a student is released from their major, they are no longer admitted to a Carson College major, and are ineligible to retake business courses that require admission to the College.

Re-Admission Process:

With the guidance of a Carson College advisor, the student must complete this 2-step process in order to be considered for re-admission into the Carson College of Business.

STEP 1: Raise Your Business GPA to 2.50

To be considered for re-admission into the Carson College of Business and be reinstated into your previous major, you must first attain a WSU Business GPA of 2.50 or higher, and be on good academic standing. To help you accomplish this, you will need to develop a plan for how you will raise your Business GPA. Follow these steps to develop your plan:

  1. Calculate your GPA: Using a College GPA Calculator, enter all WSU business classes that are listed in your myWSU AR report (WSU Business GPA section).
  2. Find Courses you can Repeat: Identify all business courses where you received the grade of C- or lower. Check the WSU Catalog and determine if these courses have a prerequisite that requires admission into a Carson College major. Students who have been released from their major will not meet this prerequisite, hence you cannot repeat these classes (example below).

    Accounting (ACCTG)

    330 Intermediate Accounting I 3 Course Prerequisite: ACCTG 230 and 231, or ACCTG 298; admitted to a major or minor in the College of Business or Data Analytics. Conceptual and technical issues of financial reporting and ethical, political, and economic consequences related to accounting choice.

    If the course does not have this prerequisite, it can be repeated (example below). However, students repeating a course for the third time must receive approval by the Department Chair to register. Your Advisor can inform you on what to do in this situation.

    Management Information Systems (MIS)

    250 Managing Information Technology 3 Course Prerequisite: Sophmore Standing. Comprehensive overview of the role of management information systems in business, including principles and application of MIS, key issues in developing and implementing information systems, and strategic value of IT to organizations.

  3. Create your Graduation Plan & meet with your business advisor: Using your myWSU Academic Requirements report, fill out this form and plan when you will retake courses and when you will take all remaining requirements. Review and edit your completed form with your business advisor.
  4. Raise your GPA: Follow your plan to retake classes and replace grades of C- and below until your business GPA is above 2.50. You may also take new business classes for which you meet the prerequisites. These can also be used to raise your business GPA. Add these new classes to the GPA calculator to see how how these new grades impact your GPA.

STEP 2: Apply for Re-Admission

When should I apply?Deadline to Apply for Re-AdmissionWhen will my application be reviewed & when will I be notified of the final decision?
Before the end of term in which your WSU Business GPA will be 2.50 or higherLast day of Finals WeekWithin 2 after Finals Week

During the semester you anticipate earning a 2.50 Business GPA, you may apply to be re-admitted back into the College. Decisions will be made after final grades are available and your business GPA can be verified. If you do not achieve the minimum GPA, you may reapply again in a future term.

Decisions will be based on your GPA and your application responses.


Are you requesting to be re-admitted under the requirements in place when you were removed from your major?(Required)
Submit the following Documentation:
  1. Academic Transcript
  2. GPA Calculator from Step 1
  3. myWSU AR Report (Run a ‘What-if’ report for the major you are intending to return to, and submit this report as a PDF. A Carson College advisor can help you with this.)
  4. Graduation plan from Step 1
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: pdf, docx, doc, xlsx, xls, zip, Max. file size: 195 MB.


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