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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Carson Coug Classes

New Classes

What New Classes Will I Take as a Carson Coug?

Develop professionally through our newly designed classes:

First year students are introduced to a variety of business concepts that help them explore majors in the Carson College. Students will declare a major at the end of their first year. In addition to the courses required per major, incoming students will take the following:

First Year

Intro to Business

Explore a diverse range of topics such as introduction to market principles, how technology can enhance business processes, how to read and analyze financial statements, and how to forecast cash flow.

Professional & Career Development for the Business World

Develop the skills to tackle your job and internship search, enhance application materials, increase interview effectiveness, and build your professional brand.

Exploring Careers in Business

Explore industries and identify which majors and career paths best fit your strengths and interests.

Second Year

Spreadsheets & Data Management

Learn the basics of using spreadsheets to collect and analyze data to support decision-making.

Data Visualization

Apply skeptical interpretation of findings to translate and organize data visually for effective communication of results.

Data Analysis & Strategic Decision Making

Utilize strategies to make data-informed decisions in a business context.

Effective Teams: Leading & Supporting Roles

Discover behaviors that impede or increase performance in group dynamics; learn how to lead constructively and participate effectively in teams.

Ethical Business Decisions & Values

Discuss challenging ethical dilemmas related to real-world business problems and practice consensus building and problem solving among peers.