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Carson College of Business Salary & Benefits

Salary & Benefits

It is easy to say that everyone obviously wants a good and fair wage. What are typical salaries in your field? What kinds of benefits should you expect on the job? How can you find out this information?

  • Tips on negotiating salary and benefits
    • Do your research first! Figure out what is considered reasonable for your job, with your level of experience and education, while in that location.
    • Determine what you need in order to live comfortably.
    • Get your offer in writing. Ask for time to consider (at least overnight!) Determine if it is a reasonable salary for you.
    • Do not be shy about asking questions of the employer about wages or benefits you do not understand.
    • ALWAYS be respectful –even if you decline the offer!
    • Realize that your income includes both salary/wages AND benefits.
  • Statistics (add stats here when we get them)