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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Resumes/CVs, References, and Cover Letters

Resumes/Curriculum Vitaes (CVs)

A resume/CV is the one document
that can either

get you an interview


leave you out of one

It is important that employers can easily obtain relevant and concise information, but with specific details.

Make sure that you make an appointment with a CCB Career Advisor to have your resume professionally reviewed!

Below are some general tips and examples


Resume Guidlines:

Items to Include:

  • Header with your name, address, email (must be a professional email address!), phone number, and LinkedIn URL (personalized)
  • Education
  • Section headers such as: Experience, Volunteer Work, Leadership Roles, Honors and Distinctions, etc.
  • Targeted bullet points (each starting with various action verbs) describing your Accomplishments, as relates to the job description for the job you are applying for


  • 0.5 in to 1 in margins on all sides
  • 10 -12 pt. font
  • Professional style font (Times New Roman, Calibri, Helvetica, etc.)
  • One page (unless you have two full pages of relevant information)
  • Single-spaced

Professional Tip

Create your own “Master Resume” that includes everything you have done for work experience, internship experience, volunteerism, course projects, all memberships and leadership roles, etc. Put detailed bullet points for each experience and keep updating it every time you have something new to add. By doing this, when you need to apply for an internship or job, you can copy and paste only the relevant information from your Master Resume and never have to worry about starting from scratch each time! Just be sure to tailor the action verbs and some details in your resume to match the wording in the job description for the job you are applying for!


Typically, a reference sheet should have between THREE and FIVE professional references with important contact information for each.

Professional references include supervisors, coworkers, professors, etc.

Cover Letters

A cover letter provides the space for you to clearly articulate why you are the best person for this internship/job and how you meet all of the qualifications.

Make your cover letter interesting to read, concise (one page maximum), personable, and detailed.