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Study Abroad:

Business in Spain

This program will take you to, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid — the most visited destinations in Spain. The coastal life, cul­tural heritage and architectural splendor of these Spanish cities are simply exhila­rating, beautiful and unique. Spain is the twelfth largest economy in the world with many multinational companies and is a member of the European Union which is the largest economy in the world. The lo­cation will provide students with exposure to Spanish culture and business practices as well as multiple interactions with stu­dents and the local community.

“Going to Spain was one of the most memorable, exciting, and sunny moments of my life. Although my trip to Spain was only 6 weeks, the memories I gained will continue to flow through my conversations and actions forever.”

—Raymond Tsway
Finance Major


Place of Study: Universitat Politecnia de Valencia (UPV)

Program 1:

Dates: TBD

Course credit:TBD

Course List: TBD


Director: Jim Harbour,

On-site teaching faculty: Becky Olsen, Jane Cote, Kim Houser

Locations courses, and prices are subject to change

Internship included?: No

Expenses (Excluding air, WSU tuition & fees: TBA (+ summer tuition 6/9 credits)

Scholarships available?: Yes

Financial aid applies?: Yes

Excursions: Madrid/Barcelona



Language and culture

Information Session


To apply

  • Application deadline for the program and scholarships: February 1
  • Apply online or visit International Programs Global Learning in Bryan 10

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