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Getting Started

The Carson College offers many scholarships. Be sure to apply.

The Carson College of Business awarded its students about 362 scholarships valued at over $600,000 during the 2018-2019 academic year. College scholarships typically range from $500 to $5,000 per recipient per year, and you may receive more than one scholarship. Scholarships are awarded according to specific qualifications outlined by the donors during creation. Qualifications may include your hometown, major, grade point average, and/or need, as well as class standing.

Carson College of Business General Scholarships


If you are pursuing a degree in business—either as a certified major/minor or advancing toward certification—you are eligible for Carson College of Business scholarships. Keep in mind, though, that the scholarship selection process is highly competitive. Simply submitting an application doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive a scholarship.

How to apply

  • Complete the WSU Scholarship Application. Applications are available online starting in mid-fall, with a submission deadline of January 31. Apply every year to get yourself in the running for awards from the Carson College, as well as other WSU scholarships.
  • Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Though not required, you may not be considered for certain need-based scholarships without it.
  • Ask your academic department about departmental scholarships. Find out if supplemental applications or other documents are required. Check deadlines, too.
  • Complete separate applications as needed to be considered for selected awards.

Awards with a separate application process

Study abroad scholarships

Departmental scholarships

Departments within the college also award some scholarships of their own. Ask your academic department for information on scholarships that may be available to you.

Outside scholarships

Scholarship support from outside WSU (individual donors, foundations, corporations or other government agencies) are also available. Searching these sources is highly encouraged. For an overview of places to look for outside support OR links to additional information, please go to the financial aid scholarships page and click on “Outside Scholarships” at the top of the text column. Additionally, any outside scholarships brought to the attention of the Carson College of Business will be displayed on the screens in the Carson Student Center for Success with websites, deadlines, and applications noted when available.

The Washington State University Alumni Association also has scholarships available for students. You can review AA Scholarships here.

Award timelines

The awarding process begins after the January 31 application deadline, with most awards announced between February and April. The awarding process continues throughout the academic year. If you’re a scholarship winner, you’ll be notified by email of your awards.

Effect on financial aid

Scholarship monies are considered a part of the total amount of financial aid. If additional financial resources arrive after your aid has been disbursed, other aid (typically loans) will be reduced to adjust for any amount that exceeds your Cost of Attendance.

Give to the Carson College Scholarship Fund

Your support of the Carson College of Business Scholarship Fund opens doors for talented students. It enables powerful learning experiences that transform careers.

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