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Dividend - Fall 2019 Graduate Education

Ph.D. Corner: Meet Yoshi Shimizu

Story by Eric Hollenbeck • Photo courtesy of Yoshi Shimizu

When Yoshiki (Yoshi) Shimizu began his WSU doctoral program in 2014, his goal was to not only develop his research skills, but also to become the type of college-level instructor who makes a lasting impact on students. In his five years with the program, Shimizu, who earned a Ph.D. in finance in May 2019, did just that.

Shimizu gained a reputation as an instructor who cares deeply about the success of his students—someone who is patient, thoughtful, and always willing to spend time helping students understand finance concepts by connecting them to practical, real-life situations.

Shimizu says it’s important to relate teaching concepts to decisions most students will face at least once in their lifetimes, for example, how mortgages are priced and amortized over time, how loan payments are determined, and how those concepts factor in when deciding whether to buy a home or rent.

“I teach students not only concepts and theories, but I also emphasize the importance of applying what they study in the classroom into practice,” says Shimizu.

Commitment to Students and Excellence in Teaching

Shimizu credits his professional growth as both a researcher and instructor to the Carson College’s opportunities for doctoral students, as well as to guidance and mentorship from faculty advisors for helping him hone his research and teaching methods.

“Carson faculty members have great academic records and know how to conduct meaningful research, so I got to learn my techniques from the best people,” he says. “I started at WSU with no teaching experience, but by the time I finished my Ph.D. program, I had experience teaching advanced-level courses.”

With a newly minted doctorate, Shimizu looks forward to applying all he learned during his time at the Carson College to his new role as an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth.