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Carson College of Business National Board of Advisors

National Board of Advisors

Fostering close ties among the Carson College of Business, its alumni, and the community

The National Board of Advisors (NBoA) offers expert guidance to help the college shape its vision and achieve its goals.

Its contributions include:

  • Strengthening the reputation of the college in the business community, both within the state of Washington and beyond.
  • Providing advice and counsel to the Dean about business trends and the changing needs of the business community.
  • Reviewing and shaping the college’s strategic direction, evaluating its mission, its plans, and the operational tactics needed to meet those goals.
  • Fostering research and learning of the faculty and students of the college within the business community (e.g. facilitating the development of internships, externships, and industry-related and basic research opportunities).
  • Assisting with fundraising efforts and enhancing external funding support for college initiatives and activities.
  • Actively participating in college events.

Executive committee

The NBoA Executive Committee consists of the NBoA chair and vice chair, immediate past board chair, dean of the Carson College of Business, and chairs of the unit advisory boards. The head development officer for the college serves as an ex-officio member.

Chris Burdett
Chair, National Board of Advisors
Senior Vice President
CBRE Hotels

Mark Hansen
Immediate Past Chair
Bayview Arc, Inc.

Cheryl Cejka
Chair, Entrepreneurship Advisory Board
Director, Technology Deployment, and Outreach
Batelle, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Shannon Flynn
Chair, HR/Management Advisory Board
Manager, Human Resources

Tammy Hossfeld
Chair, Accounting Advisory Board
Client Service Manager

Chip Hunter
Dean, Carson College of Business
Washington State University

Jaimie Jacobsen
Chair, Information Systems Advisory Board
Consultant Manager
Slalom Consulting




Matt Larson
Chair, WSU Vancouver Advisory Board
Duffy Kekel LLP



Don Lionetti
Chair, Marketing Advisory Board
Federal Account Manager



Nathan Mallory
Chair, Risk Management and Insurance Advisory Board
Director, Risk Management & Insurance
The Americas




James Oster
Chair, Finance Advisory Board
Senior Vice President



Jeff Pilcher
Director of Development
WSU Carson College of Business




John Sommer
Chair, SHBM Advisory Board
Regional Director
Hilton Worldwide




Gary Spanner
Chair, WSU Tri-Cities
Director, Economic Development Office



Bryan Weeks
Chair, International Business Advisory Board
President, CEO
Silver Creek Capital Management

Washington State University