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August 2020 – Research & Popular Press

WSU Tri-Cities class project focuses on boosting local millennial tourism

Joan Giese, clinical associate professor in the Department of Marketing and International Business at WSU Tri-Cities, was interviewed by Carissa Lehmkuhl of KAPP-KVEW Local News, for a July 9, 2020, broadcast about how her marketing management class worked with Visit Tri-Cities on a project to bring millennial travelers to the Tri-Cities when restrictions lift.

Not Ready to Eat at a Restaurant? WSU Coronavirus Survey Says You’re Not Alone

Research by Dogan Gursoy, Taco Bell Distinguished Professor in Hospitality Business Management, was featured in May 17, 2020, stories by Dave Gallagher in the Bellingham Herald and the Wenatchee World.

His research on attitudes toward eating out during COVID-19 also appeared in other publications.

Local Restaurants Respond to Uncertainty, Prepare for Coronavirus Restrictions to Ease,” May 17, 2020, by Mai Hoang, Yakima Herald Republic.

66 Percent of Consumers Aren’t Ready to Dine in Yet, Study Says,” May 26, 2020, by Lauren Stine, Restaurant Dive.

Report: 66 Percent of Consumers Are Not Ready for Restaurant Dining Rooms,” May 26, 2020, both by Jennifer Marston; and “New Study Shows Why Re-opened Restaurants Can’t Ease Up On to Go Ordering,” June 10, 2020, The Spoon.

Will You Go Out to Eat Right Away When COVID Restrictions Lift? Most Will Wait and See,” June 2, 2020, by Kristine Sherred, Tacoma News Tribune.

Ask the Experts: Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Dipra Jha, associate professor and new assistant director of the School of Hospitality Business Management, was featured in Wallethub’s July 2020 expert panel review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card, where he discussed whether paying an annual fee for a travel credit card still makes sense.

Redirecting Gifts Can Make Donors Feel Betrayed

Jeff Joireman’s guest column was featured in the March 12, 2020, issue of the Spokane Journal of Business. Joireman, professor and chairman of the Department of Marketing and International Business, discussed how donors react when gifts to specific projects are redirected to other uses by a charity.

Joireman’s research was also the subject of a March 3, 2020, story by Alex Daniels, “Crowdfunding Donors Show Feelings of Betrayal When Gifts are Redirected (Study),” in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

State of Grapes

Byron Marlowe, clinical assistant professor and coordinator for wine beverage business management at WSU Tri-Cities, was quoted in a March 3, 2020, article by Amy Milshtein, which appeared in Oregon Business. Marlowe discussed demand for Oregon wines, trends in tasting room visits, and growth in the ultra-premium wine category.

March 2020 – Research & Popular Press

Around 43% of Consumers Prefer In-store Shopping: WSU survey

Joan Giese’s insights about the 2019 holiday shopping season and the college’s third annual holiday retail survey were quoted in the November 22, 2019, issue of Retail Insight Network and a number of other national and regional publications. Those articles included:

Retailers Ready for Black Friday Rush in Clark County,” November 26, 2019, by the Columbian.

Annual WSU Holiday Shopping Survey Finds Pacific Northwesterners Prefer Brick-and-Mortar Stores,” November 27, 2019, by Pullman Radio.

Spokane-area Shoppers Mirror a Regional Tendency Toward Holiday-Spending Frugality, Research Shows,” November 28, 2019, by the Spokesman-Review.

Despite Challenges, Holiday Season Provides Opportunity for Retailers,” November 29, 2019, by the Yakima Herald Republic.

Giese is a clinical associate professor in the Department of Marketing and International Business.

WSU researcher: Marketing Leads to Vaping

Research by Elizabeth Howlett, professor in the Department of Marketing and International Business, was the focus of a December 24, 2019, story by Scott Jackson, “WSU researcher: Marketing Leads to Vaping,” which appeared in both the Moscow-Pullman Daily News and the Spokesman-Review. Howlett says controlling marketing and messaging will be key in curbing a new tobacco-use epidemic.

Game Changer

Kahlil Philander, assistant professor in the School of Hospitality Business Management, researched Singapore’s “pay to play” gaming strategy aimed at preventing gaming disorders. He suggests the entry fees are more likely to create more harm than benefits, because only the most price sensitive customers will change their visit frequency. Philander’s commentary is included in Muhammad Cohen’s article, “Game Changer,” published in the January 27, 2020, issue of Inside Asian Gaming.

Solving Senior Living’s Staffing Challenge

Nancy Swanger, associate dean and founding director of the Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living, was quoted in John Stearn’s January 22, 2020, article “Solving Senior Living’s Staffing Challenge” published in 425Business. Stearn’s article discussed how universities are stepping up with programs to meet upcoming demand for managers in the senior-living industry.

Flirting With Your Coworkers is Actually a Good Thing, According to This Study

Research from Leah Sheppard, associate professor in the Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship, was featured in Kyle Schnitzer’s January 31, 2020, article “Flirting with Your Coworkers is Actually a Good Thing, According to This Study,” published in Ladders. Sheppard’s research found that casual flirting is relatively harmless and can even reduce stress and help other issues such as insomnia from workplace injustice. The research received widespread media attention, including:

Office flirting cuts stress, makes co-worker feel powerful,” December 24, 2019, International Business Times.

Flirting at work could help employees feel less stressed, new study suggests,” December 20, 2019, Market Watch.

Flirting with colleagues may reduce workplace stress—study,” December 19, 2019,

Flirting With Coworkers May Reduce Your Office Stress,” December 18, 2019, MSN.

Feeling stressed? Flirt with a coworker! Study finds harmless banter among peers improves your self-image – but has the opposite effect with a superior,” December 16, 2019, Daily Mail.

December 2019 – Research & Popular Press

Beyond Blended

The value of the Carson College’s Business Growth Mentor and Analysis and Next Carson Coug programs were highlighted in Sarah Olson’s article published in the September 2019 issue of Delta Sky. Olson’s article discussed how business schools across the country are focusing on experiential learning through innovative programs, projects, and initiatives that get students out of the classroom and into the real world.

Study Reveals Something Powerful About a Goal That Ends With a ‘0’

Kunter Gunasti, assistant professor of marketing and international business, was featured in in Emma Betuel’s article in the Aug. 31, 2019, issue of Inverse. Betuel highlighted Gunasti’s research on the use of round numbers in marketing campaigns. Gunasti was also featured in “Why We (Irrationally) Love Round Numbers” by Esther Bergdahl in the Aug. 26, 2019, issue of Sapling. The same research was highlighted in Becky Kramer’s article “Making it Count: The Power of Round Numbers,” published Aug. 21, 2019, by Phys.Org. Gunasti was also featured in Wallethub’s October 2019 feature “Ask the Experts: Cashing in on Credit Card Rewards” where he gave recommendations for best cashback credit cards.

Great tip: Kindness Pays

Jeff Joireman, professor and chair of the Department of Marketing and International Business, was featured in the July 14, 2019 issue of the Lewiston Tribune in an article by Elaine Williams. Joireman and coauthors discussed their research that found diners are inclined to reduce their tips and are less likely to return to a restaurant if they observe poor service. Joireman was also featured in “Poor Customer Service Can Impact More Than Just Those Who Experience It” published by Kristin Salli in the June 19, 2019, issue of Consumer Affairs.

Research Shows Some Stress Can Lead to Better Performance

Jenny Kim, professor of hospitality business management, addressed how stress influences performance in her article published in the July 16, 2019, issue of Hotel Management.

Things to Consider as You Build a Startup Team

Amrita Lahiri, assistant professor of strategic entrepreneurship and innovation, wrote a column in the Aug. 14, 2019, issue of 425 Business about “star employees” and startup companies. In high-power innovation teams, members need to be able to work together and defer to each other, she says. Conflicts may arise when you have team members who both think they’re the expert.

Sip a ‘Graduate Golden Ale’ and Support a Budding WSU Student

Byron Marlowe, clinical assistant professor in the School of Hospitality Business Management, gave an interview on Graduate Golden Ale to Carissa Lehmkuhl of KAPP-TV/KVEW-TV for a Sept. 12, 2019, broadcast. Sales of the ale help raise money for scholarships for students in wine and beverage business management.

Coworking Space Geared Towards Women Entrepreneurs to Open in Coeur d’Alene

Marie Mayes, director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, was one of several women business professionals who shared insights in Amy Edelen’s article discussing how female-focused workspaces are gaining traction nationwide as women entrepreneurs and freelancers look for an alternative to traditional offices, with resources and training to grow their businesses. Edelen’s article appeared in the Oct. 22, 2019, issue of the Spokesman-Review.

Carson College Says Goodbye to Large Class Sizes

Andrew Perkins, associate professor of marketing and international business, discussed the launch of The Next Carson Coug, which aims to produce graduates who are ethical and professional, respect cultural differences, communicate clearly and persuasively, make data-driven decisions, and create even more value for organizations in his article published Aug. 25, 2019, in BizEd.

When Women Compete

Leah Sheppard, assistant professor of management, was interviewed for the May 20, 2019, Women at Work podcast by the staff at Harvard Business Review. Sheppard talks about the ongoing narrative that women have problematic relationships with female coworkers. She believes managers have an important role in making sure this negative narrative isn’t perpetuated and that healthy competition is allowed to occur in the office. Her research on the “femme fatale” effect, which considers attractive businesswomen less trustworthy and less truthful, was featured in “If You’re A Pretty Woman in Business, You Risk This Negative Effect” by Sheila McClear in the April 4, 2019, issue of The Ladders.

5 Ways Senior Living May Reach the Middle Market

Nancy Swanger, director of the Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living and associate dean, was included among senior living experts featured in Tim Regan’s article discussing ideas for how the senior living industry can best serve the millions of older adults who, by 2029, won’t qualify for public assistance but also may not be able to afford private-pay senior housing as it exists today. Regan’s article appeared in the Sept. 11, 2019, issue of Senior Housing News. Swanger was also quoted in Lois Bowers’ article “Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living Dedication Date Announced by WSU” announcing the WSU celebration of the institute Oct. 30, 2019 on the WSU Pullman campus. Bowers’ article was published in the Sept. 24, 2019, issue of McKnight’s Senior Living.

August 2019 – Research & Popular Press

Becoming a Must-See Destination: Building Customer Loyalty

Christina Chi, associate professor of hospitality business management, shares tips on how the travel industry can build customer loyalty in an article published on May 18, 2019, in Money Inc. In her research, Chi identifies four key components that contribute to customer loyalty: experience, image, value, and motivation.

WSU Survey: Marijuana the ‘Next Big Thing’ for Pacific Northwest

Chip Hunter, Carson College dean, discusses what employers and employees think “the next big” thing the Pacific Northwest will be known for, in Anthony Kuipers’s article published in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. The second annual Business in the Northwest report looks at the business and employment climate in the Pacific Northwest, with results that relate to employment issues across regions and industries. Hunter also shares insights from this report into how companies can build a strong talent pipeline to create a brand that can last for decades in “Low Unemployment, Increased Competition: How Companies can Build their Talent Pipeline,” published on June 11, 2019, in Money Inc.

Identifying and Developing the Three Types of Entrepreneurial Imaginativeness

Alex Kier, assistant professor of entrepreneurship, explains three types of entrepreneurial imaginativeness, the role each type plays for successful entreprenuers, and strategies for developing and strengthening those skills in an April 6, 2019, article for Money Inc.

Before You Offer That Generous Trade-In Incentive, Read This

Chadwick Miller, assistant professor of marketing and international business, and coauthors discuss their research study analyzing the impact of trade-in incentives on consumer upgrade behavior in the February 22, 2019, issue of American Marketing Association. Concerning car purchases, for example, does the owner of a Toyota Corolla upgrade incrementally to a Camry—or dramatically to a premium vehicle such as a Lexus—and what motivates upgrade decisions? Their findings help manufacturers understand the impact of their trade-in incentive strategies and targeting strategies to better accomplish critical business goals.

Leveraging Hometown Appeal to Overcome Big Box Retailers

How can small businesses market themselves to be competitive even against big box retailers?

Ron Pimentel, clinical professor of marketing at WSU Vancouver, shares three ways small businesses can stay competitive and create value for consumers in an article published in the May 3, 2019, issue of the Vancouver Business Journal.

Planned Paine Field Hotels to Offer Park-and-fly Perks

Jenni Sandstrom, clinical assistant professor of hospitality business management at WSU Vancouver, speaks to the developing hotel market in Everett due to the newly implemented services of Alaska and United Airlines at Paine Field’s new passenger terminal. The article, written by Janice Podsada on Wednesday, June 3, 2019, is published in the Everett Herald.

Putting a Price on Women’s Emotional Labour in the Workplace

Leah Sheppard, assistant professor of management, information systems, and entrepreneurship, is featured in Gwen Morgan’s In the Black article published April 1, 2019. Sheppard comments on the backlash that can occur in the workplace when women violate the behaviors that are expected of them.

Sheppard is featured in several publications for her research investigating the “femme fatale” effect that considers attractive businesswomen less trustworthy and less truthful in the workplace.

Attractive Businesswomen Considered Less Trustworthy, More Fireable, Researchers Find.” March 27, 2019, KOMO News.

In Her Words: Pretty Can Hurt Women’s Careers”, April 23, 2019, New York Times.

Attractive Businesswomen Viewed as Less Trustworthy ‘“Femmes Fatales’” April 11, 2019, Tacoma Daily.

Sheppard was also featured in Harvard Business Review’s May 20, 2019, podcast “When Women Compete.” Drawing from her research, Sheppard explains how stereotyping and gender inequity can shape the way women think about and approach competition at work.

Next Carson Coug Rolls out Fall 2019

Tom Tripp, senior associate dean for academic affairs, discusses the rollout of the Next Carson Coug curriculum reform in Jessica Swanson’s article published in the May 17, 2019, issue of the Vancouver Business Journal. Starting in 2019, Carson College undergraduates will be required to participate in cocurricular activities through a new milestone system that provides a menu of activities and tracks involvement.

Research & Popular Press – March 2019

It’s Time for Turkey

Jamie Callison, executive chef in the School of Hospitality and Business Management, shares his recipe for the perfect turkey and stuffing from his cookbook The Crimson Spoon: Plating Regional Cuisine on the Palouse. The article was published in the November 3, 2018, issue of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Time for Businesses to Take the Second Step for Prison Reform

Jerry Goodstein, professor of management, information systems, and entrepreneurship, WSU Vancouver, discusses the First Step Act, new legislation that advances a number of initiatives within federal prisons to enhance people’s reentry into society after their release from prison in his article published in the January 30, 2019, issue of The Hill. In November 2018, Goodstein contributed his insights on the benefits of second-chance hiring, not only for businesses but also for communities, in his op-ed, “Why Hiring Candidates with a Criminal Record can Help Companies and Communities” published in the November 25, 2018, issue of The Register-Guard.

The Real Roots of American Rage

Tom Tripp, professor of management and senior associate dean for academic affairs, WSU Vancouver, discusses the culture that drives revenge in the workplace, and how when institutions are perceived to be functioning with a sense of fairness, employees are less likely to feel vengeful urges, even when outcomes don’t always fall in their favor. The article appears in the January/February 2019 issue of The Atlantic.

How Small Business Can Win: Surviving in a World of Big-Box Retail and E-Commerce

Ron Pimentel, clinical assistant professor of marketing, WSU Vancouver, shares insightful tips to help small businesses stay competitive with big-box retailers and e-commerce businesses. His article was published in the January 22, 2019, issue of Money, Inc.

New Year, New You: Making the Most of Mentorship in 2019

Jesus Bravo, clinical assistant professor of management, information systems, and entrepreneurship, WSU Tri-Cities, discusses how mentorships can help you take your career to the next level. His article was published on January 2, 2019, in Money, Inc.

What Do Employees Value Most in Their Job?

Jane Cote, academic director of the Carson College of Business, WSU Vancouver, provides insights into what students look for in accounting firms when planning their careers in a report published by business research firm Clutch on December 6, 2018.

How Technology has Disrupted the Age-Old Tradition of Black Friday Shopping

Joan Giese, clinical associate professor of marketing, breaks down key strategies for helping retailers attract and retain customers during Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. The article was published on December 7, 2018, in Money, Inc.

Navigating the Rapidly Evolving Gig Economy

Kristine Kuhn, associate professor of management, offers helpful advice for freelancers who are looking to make the most of the gig economy in her article for Money, Inc., published on November 27, 2018.

Arvin Sahaym
Thomas Allison

Taking Your Product from Zero to Hero with Crowdfunding

Arvin Sahaym, associate professor of entrepreneurship, and Thomas Allison, assistant professor of entrepreneurship, help aspiring entrepreneurs get the most out of their search for funding by offering key strategies for building successful crowdfunding campaigns. Their article was published in Money, Inc. on November 2, 2018.

Sahaym and Allison also published an article on crowdfunding strategies in the November 2018 print edition of The Vancouver Business Journal.