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A Message from the Dean – March 2019

Dear friends,

In this issue we show you the importance of global perspective and how it touches everything we do in the college, from research to teaching, to our strategic goals, our mission, and our winning aspiration to be the model business school for tomorrow’s land-grant university. In their future careers, our graduates will be working with colleagues, seeking opportunities, and facing competitors from around the world. The Carson College is rightly proud of its record and plans for preparing students for the wide range of opportunities appropriate for graduates of a globally oriented public university.

We are working hard to expand our international business program, which is under the new leadership of Associate Dean Sung Ahn, our distinguished international scholar and professor of finance and management science. Sung has stepped up to direct our international programs after the departure of Dr. David Sprott, who provided several years of leadership before becoming dean of the University of Wyoming’s College of Business. Sung is working with great colleagues on these programs, including Assistant Dean Jessica Cassleman and International Study Abroad Coordinator Courtney Jackson. And many of you may be interested to know that our colleague, Jerman Rose, is rejoining the college this spring, after a stint as dean of the Solbridge Business School in Korea, to add further experience to Sung’s team.

I’m proud to share we have maintained our impressive number 15 ranking for best undergraduate international programs by U.S. News and World Report in 2019. Our program is progressing toward our vision of having a presence on every continent. We have 20 university partnerships in 12 countries and 21 available reciprocal exchange programs—seven as a direct result of Carson College collaboration. Additionally, participation in our semester-long program is higher than it has ever been in the last five years, as are our third party partner exchange programs open to all WSU students.

In the features section, you’ll read about Sung and Jessica recently obtaining a grant from the American Council for International Programs, with support from with support from the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan, to develop partnerships with Kazakhstan universities. Their goal is to develop stronger research programs and better prepare business students and professionals for today’s globally competitive environment. Our work in countries such as Kazakhstan, much like our work in Tanzania that we’ve shared in prior messages, extends our global reach in a way that’s consistent with our WSU mission.

Students also find learning opportunities in Europe: two great examples of the success of our global programming are testimonials by Jeri Epperson, who studied abroad in Ireland, and Mikayla Lewis, who, thanks to scholarship support, was able to participate in our faculty-led food, wine, and culture program in Italy and France.

We also showcase two Carson College entrepreneurs who think globally. Finance graduates Kyle O’Malley and Grant Schoenlein applied their global business training to develop Kamiak Coffee Company, a thriving new coffee business in Moscow, Idaho. In our Stay Connected section, you will learn about the legacy of another young entrepreneur, former WSU student Eric Carr, the late founder of South by Sea apparel and fashion company. Eric’s passion for global business and entrepreneurship will be remembered through a new fund his family established to support an award given during our annual Business Plan Competition.

The success story of Executive MBA graduate Xochitl Gross, whose degree helped her achieve a prestigious promotion within the international company Bimbo Bakeries, is also featured along with news of our most recent U.S. News and World Report ranking for best online MBA programs.

All of these stories are a testament to the Carson College’s ability to create an amazing educational experience and develop outstanding business leaders and scholars. Carson Cougs are both locally engaged and globally aware. I hope they inspire you to learn more about the college and encourage you to stay connected.

Go Cougs!

Chip Hunter, Dean

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June 2016

Dear friends,
I hope your summer is off to a great start. Here at the college, June is a time for us to celebrate our recent graduates and to support them as they launch their careers. During the summer, many of our faculty focus on advancing knowledge in their fields, and we support this work through our competitive summer grant program. And we’re already planning for a new academic year—our new Cougs and August will be here before we know it. » More ...