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Dividend The official online magazine of the Carson College of Business

Dean’s Message August 2017

Dear friends,

Our approach to business education focuses not simply on what happens in the classroom, but on giving our students a variety of opportunities to discover their paths in life. Some students will become the business leaders of our region or beyond, others may take over family businesses or launch their own businesses, some will pursue public and community service, and a few may even turn out to be future professors and scholars.

A Carson College education prepares students for any of these roles. In fact, we have an obligation to do just that. We have a strong interest in our students’ success, as we expect our graduates to drive the continued prosperity of our region. Further, education is part of our students’ path forward, but our mission is to provide even more. Through the Carson College, individual students achieve their own dreams, and they also become engaged citizens who are able to create economic opportunities for many others besides themselves.

In this issue of eDividend, we bring you many examples of the paths we provide Carson College students to help them understand what it means to contribute to business success, and, eventually, to find their way to becoming successful leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and more.

You’ll read about the winners of the annual Business Plan Competition, where students showcased their creative ventures. Alumni who served as judges and mentors for our program saw business plans including audio devices that can provide e-commerce-level data collection and analytics for stores, solutions to improve muscle problems from repetitive use injuries in nonprofessional athletes, and a new digital thermometer to help increase the amount of milk pasteurization done by migrant cow herders in the developing world.

Our story on a newly implemented job negotiation workshop, hosted by the Carson Center for Student Success and enhanced by the expertise of panelist Shannon Flynn (’95), highlights how students practice strategic negotiation skills that will help them succeed in any job interview—no matter what career path they choose. In this example and in the features about Mike Thomas’ finance lecture and Patrick Dooley’s presentation on trends within the senior living industry, you will see how we tap the Cougar network and industry professionals to complement our efforts to expose students to industry, cutting-edge technologies, and real-world business experience. Features on our undergraduate finance students’ accomplishment of outperforming the S&P 500 and the Executive MBA online students’ international study experience in China further illustrate this point. So many paths are possible!

We are building momentum. Our focus on student success is catching hold. Our students feel it, and it is reflected in their inspiring stories, such as the feature on Thalia DeLeon’s journey toward her goal of becoming an entrepreneur. A recent management graduate with a big entrepreneurial vision, she is a great example of how the path to success is not always linear but can be accomplished through hard work and accessibility provided by a land-grant university.

I invite you to join us in supporting our students as they navigate the opportunities that are available to them. Together, we will show them the best path to a top business education in the Pacific Northwest is through the Carson College of Business.

Go Cougs!

Chip Hunter, Dean

Dean’s Message March 2017

Dear friends, We know that our business environment requires us to work across boundaries. In the Carson College of Business, we are creating a new generation of business leaders who are committed to working with others to have a positive impact on the economy and quality of life in Washington state, throughout the region, and across the globe. To accomplish this, we are actively listening, learning, and collaborating with our colleagues across the University and in industry to constantly improve what we do. » More ...

Dean’s Message December 2016

Dear Friends, As a college, we are committed to providing transformational experiences that serve our students for life. And this means every student who is willing and able to do the work we expect. Higher education is an amazing path to opportunity. For many of us, this path was made possible in part by gifts from those who came before us. Those of us who have received this gift in turn have the opportunity—some would say the responsibility—to pay that gift forward. » More ...

June 2016

Dear friends,
I hope your summer is off to a great start. Here at the college, June is a time for us to celebrate our recent graduates and to support them as they launch their careers. During the summer, many of our faculty focus on advancing knowledge in their fields, and we support this work through our competitive summer grant program. And we’re already planning for a new academic year—our new Cougs and August will be here before we know it. » More ...

Dean’s Message March 2016

Dear friends,
It’s been a great honeymoon! I’ve served seven months as your dean, and I have not had a bad day yet. There’s a ton of excitement circulating about what we’re going to do together, and I have had the good fortune of meeting many of you to learn more about your passion for the college and WSU. » More ...

Spring 2015

Dear Friends, I hope this edition of our eDividend finds you well. The Carson College of Business has experienced a number of changes since our last Dividend communication. Perhaps the most significant is the change in leadership within our college. Provost Dan Bernardo has appointed Larry "Chip" Hunter as the next Carson College dean. » More ...