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courtney-bomgardner-edit Courteney Bomgardner received a scholarship from the Stanwood Camano Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to support her business studies within the WSU Carson College of Business. She graduated from Stanwood High School in 2013 and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Bomgardner is a student ambassador in the Carson College and the chair of professional activities for her business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. She studied abroad in China to gain a broader global perspective on business and spent this summer working as an accounting intern at Ace Hardware. She advocates for women as potential business owners. She also volunteers in community service activities. Bomgardner expects to graduate in spring 2017.

“The AAUW scholarship has offered peace of mind as I finish college. With a master’s of accounting in my future, their generosity has allowed me to consider furthering my education so I can take the CPA exam,” Bomgardner says. “My goal is to help people and small businesses with the knowledge I receive from my education, of which the scholarship has helped to fund. I am greatly appreciative for that and knowing I have wonderful women in my hometown community who support me and my goals.”

Excerpts taken from Sarah Arney, Stanwood Camano News

sales-comp1 A student participates in a mock sales call during the Professional Sales Competition. Photo by Laura Dutelle sales-comp2Finalists in WSU Vancouver’s Professional Sales Competition. Photo by Taylor Jones. sales-comp3Carson College of Business students network with employers at the annual Professional Sales Career Fair. Photo by Taylor Jones.

For the ninth year in a row, Washington State University Vancouver has been recognized by the worldwide Sales Education Foundation as a top university for professional sales education. The listing identifies the Carson College of Business’s Professional Sales Certificate Program as one of the best in the country for preparing students for professional selling careers. The program helps students from a variety of disciplines develop the skills needed for any type of persuasive communication. Collaboration with local businesses provides students with experience-based learning. “Our graduates enter careers that are about much more than selling,” says Jane Cote, academic director for the college. “They are relationship builders and good communicators—skill sets highly desirable to any employer.”

Dan McClintock, Executive MBA student, received a scholarship from the National Basketball Retired Players Association to support his studies. “I am very thankful I can represent the NBRPA as a recipient and as a member. I am also thankful that they have financially pledged to partner with me in this investment. The organization truthfully cares about the future of its membership and demonstrates it by contributing to its membership,” he says.

The NBRPA supports former NBA players, their children, and their grandchildren with financial awards to further their education. McClintock played professionally, mostly in Europe, for 14 years. When he retired from professional sports, he quickly realized he needed to adapt to a new career environment. “The WSU EMBA program was a perfect fit for me,” he says. “This program has really remarkable professionals who are extremely sharp, not to mention the incredible learning I received from my fellow students. I cannot thank the NBRPA enough for their backing, as well as the WSU EMBA program for partnering with students, like me, who come from such diverse business backgrounds.”


dimond-2Photos by Guerdon.
Modular unit framing process.
dimond-3Completed modular units
ready for transport.
dimond-1Placing modular units
during construction phase.

Navin Dimond (’85 Business, Engineering & Architecture), Stonebridge Companies founder and CEO, is building a Courtyard Marriott to sit alongside the Stonebridge Residence Inn Marriott on the edge of the Pullman WSU campus. A unique project, Stonebridge is facilitating the construction through “modular building,” which consists of multiple sections called modules. The modules are six sided boxes constructed off-site in Boise, Idaho then transported to Pullman. Using a crane, the modules will be set onto the building’s foundation and joined together to make a single building. Challenging WSU students to get involved in this process, Stonebridge has partnered with the Design and Construction and the Hospitality Business Management schools to engage students to research and test the hypothesis that the unique “modular construction” method is a viable method for future hotel construction.”Our Residence Inn project has been a great compliment to the vibrant WSU campus, and we believe the campus warrants additional rooms to accommodate all of the guests,” says Dimond. “I am thrilled to have students from my alma mater participate in the project. We have challenged the best and brightest students and faculty to come to their own conclusion on the future viability of modular construction in the hospitality industry. We look forward to reviewing their completed research.” The hotel is slated to open in 2017.


Photo Courtesy Seattle Seahawks.

Back row, left to right: Thomas Buren ’10, manager of fan development; Heidi Karim ’07, administration; Chris Lawrence ’95, director of ticketing; Tony Drovetto ’09, digital media manager; Jeffery Girmus ’16, fan development intern; Kirk Parrish ’93, scouting; Jill Quinn ’78, receptionist; Chuck Arnold ’93, chief operating officer; Cindy Kelley ’81, VP human resources; Erin Johnson ’97, box office manager; Suzanne Lavender ’89, director of community outreach/communications.

Front row, left to right: Melanie Hoshino ’98, retail; Kara Edwards ’15, ticketing; Allysa Knutson ’16, fan development team.

Cougs Behind the Seahawks,” an article by David Wasson published in Washington State Magazine, notes the roles of many Cougs who are Seahawks employees, which include Carson College of Business alumni:
Ryan Coffey, (’08 Marketing)
Keli Imus, (’11 International Business)
Allyssa Knutson, (’16 Marketing and Management)
Erin Johnson, (’97 Marketing)
Allen Olson, (’88 Hospitality Business Management)


SaraAckerman_resized Sara Ackerson, academic and student success advisor in the Carson Center for Student Success, will copresent three sessions at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Global Community for Academic Advising annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia, October 2016.  Audience participants include academic advisors, deans and directors, and graduate students from across the world. The sessions are titled: “Leveraging the Benefits of Advising Technology Through Effective Training Practices,” “Every Advisor Can Write: Engaging in Research and Scholarship as an Academic Advisor,” and “Advising to Transgress: Reflecting on the Language of Bell Hooks,” the last of which was also selected as a sponsored session by the Theory, Philosophy, and History of Advising Commission.  Each commission can select three sessions for this honor.
Jane Cote, academic director and associate professor of accounting, and Claire Latham, associate professor of accounting, provide insights on incorporating the Giving Voice to Values curriculum in the introductory accounting sequence, using upper division accounting students as mentors. The article, “Peer-To-Peer Implementation of an Action-Oriented Ethics Framework in the Introductory Accounting Sequence,” is featured in the July 2016 issue of Advances in Accounting Education and previously won the Best Paper Award at the Western American Accounting Association Annual Meeting.
Participants in the Sixth Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management (AHTMM) conference in Guangzhou, China.
DoganGursoy-profileChristina Chi
Dogan Gursoy, professor of hospitality business management, delivered several recent international lectures, including a keynote speech titled “Experiential Tourism,” at the 5th Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium in Cyprus. He presented a lecture on research methods in hospitality and tourism at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, China, and presented “Development of Knowledge in Hospitality and Tourism” at the North Western University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China. He was also one of the few U.S. academics invited to China to attend the First World Conference on Tourism for Development Tourism. Gursoy and Christina Chi, professor of hospitality business management, hosted the 6th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China. More than 175 participants from over 22 countries attended.
Kim Houser, clinical associate professor of business law, was one of only four national finalists who presented at the 2016 Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher Competition in Puerto Rico. The competition highlights the best classroom teaching, particularly the incorporation of new or evolving course subject matter, cultural contexts, pedagogy, and technology. The goal is to more deeply engage students in the learning process and faculty in their guild. Houser presented the “Nolan Ryan Rookie Card Ethical Case Study” based on an real lawsuit involving a dispute over the sale of a Nolan Ryan rookie card between a 12-year-old and a baseball card shop—a case Houser actually witnessed when she worked as a lawyer in Illinois. As a finalist, she was asked to submit an article to the Journal of Legal Studies Education on how she teaches the Nolan Ryan rookie card ethical case study to her students.
Jeff Joireman, associate professor of marketing, and Kristina Durante, associate professor at Rutgers Business School, coedited a special consumer behavior issue of Current Opinion in Psychology. It has 30 cutting edge reviews of topics related to consumer behavior by leaders in the field.

Joireman also has two research publications including: Gillespie, B., & Joireman, J. (in press). “The role of consumer narrative enjoyment and persuasion awareness in product placement advertising.” American Behavioral Scientist and Joireman, J., Grégoire, Y., & Tripp, T. (2016). “Customer forgiveness in response to service failures.” Current Opinion in Psychology, 10, 76-82.

Arvin Sahaym, associate professor of management, information systems, and entrepreneurship, earned a distinguished paper award in the Academy of Management’s business policy and strategy (BPS) division. His paper “The Influence of Founder Collaborations on Venture Knowledge Quality,” is coauthored by Warren Boeker, University of Washington; Michael Howard, Texas A&M; and Sandip Basu, Baruch College, New York.